Hard Time Chewing No More in Monroe, LA

shutterstock_155285117Are you having a hard time chewing because of damaged or missing teeth? Monroe, LA dentist Dr. Finley can restore your chewing ability and help you enjoy meals again. Dr. Finley has 30 years of experience restoring smiles to full health and beauty. At Bayou Dental Group, we offer several restoration options from porcelain fillings and crowns to complex smile reconstruction with dental implants.

Dental Restorations

Broken or decayed teeth can make it difficult to chew. Dr. Finley will perform a comprehensive oral examination before recommending treatments. Treatment can be as simple as getting fillings or replacing old, worn restorations. Larger cavities and severe damage may require a special type of filling called an inlay or onlay or full-coverage dental crowns.

If there is dental pulp infection, your dentist will perform a root canal before restoring the tooth with a crown. Root canal or endodontic therapy aims to avoid extraction by saving the decayed tooth. Your dentist will make a hole in the tooth, remove the infected pulp and decayed areas, clean the space and the dentin tubes, and seal them off with filling material to prevent reinfection. The tooth is then capped with a dental crown.

Dental Implants and Non-removable Teeth Replacement

If the tooth cannot be saved by a root canal, Dr. Finley will remove the tooth and replace it with a bridge or a replacement crown supported by a dental implant. Dental implants are synthetic tooth roots made of titanium. These tiny posts are embedded in the gums and allowed to become one with surrounding bone before the artificial tooth is attached on top. Dental implants provide maximum stability, perfect fit, and the most natural look.

Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or several missing teeth. Besides traditional dental implants, Dr. Finley also provides fixed or non-removable teeth replacement with mini implants, All-on-4®, and All-on-6.

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