3 Ways To Restore Your Smile This Summer [BLOG]

We’re inching closer to a new season, one that’s often quite busy with social events, sports, and vacations.

Make sure you come to Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA for restorative dentistry so you don’t have to worry about throwing your fun in the sun upside down!

3 Ways To Restore Your Smile This Summer

Thanks to innovations, and our investment, in dental technology, restorative treatment is more effective, comfortable, and convenient than ever.

Here are just three ways we can restore your smile before summer begins!

*Get That Pesky Cavity Filled*

Before a cavity grows larger and deeper, it’s important to treat it with a tooth-colored dental filling at Bayou Dental Group.

That way you can still retain enough healthy tooth enamel after the decay has been removed to bond firmly with a filling.

You can keep smiling because your dental work will seamlessly blend in with your other teeth and any further decay will be stopped in its tracks!

*Repair A Tooth That’s Seen Better Days*

If you’ve been putting off dental treatment for a tooth that’s seen better days, it’s time to get it taken care of!

Continuing to let a weak, damaged tooth go untreated is the quickest way to wind up at the dentist office once it finally decides to give out on you completely!

Restorative treatment is more convenient than ever in our Monroe, LA dental office thanks to our advanced CEREC technology. This allows us to design and fabricate a strong, natural-looking dental crown in a single visit so we can repair a compromised tooth.

A cavity that’s gotten bigger or a cracked tooth that’s about to give can easily be restored, strengthened, and protected with our dental crowns. You won’t have to worry about returning for another appointment or sacrificing the appearance of your smile!

*Get To The Bottom Of That Nagging Toothache*

One of the most common signs of an oral infection is pain.

Sometimes the pain begins as a dull ache you only feel some of the time, like when you eat or drink things that are too hot or too cold.

Other times a toothache will strike suddenly, and no amount of pain relievers will ease the agony.

Regardless, tooth pain shouldn’t be ignored because it could mean the inside of a tooth is infected. To keep infection from spreading, it needs to be eradicated right away.

Dr. Finley can do that with a root canal and subsequent dental crown to protect your oral health and preserve your smile.

If you think dealing with a toothache is a better option than getting a root canal, know that you don’t have to fear treatment at Bayou Dental Group!

With oral sedation, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed during your root canal procedure so your mouth can stay healthy and you can get back to living pain-free!

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What are looking forward to this summer?

Celebrating a loved one’s wedding or retirement? Taking a long-awaited trip for some rest and relaxation? Or is it spending your evenings and weekends at the ballpark to watch your kid’s little league games?

Whatever your plans, we’re pretty confident an emergency trip to the dentist because of pain or a broken tooth aren’t anywhere on that list.

And they don’t have to be if you come to our Monroe, LA dental office for restorative treatment now. Fixing tooth problems while they’re small is always a wise choice because it makes it more likely you’ll be able to enjoy the summer months free from dental damage or discomfort!

Call Bayou Dental Group today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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