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Summer is fast approaching, which means you’re probably scrambling to finalize plans for that special event. Whether it’s a wedding, a class reunion, or even a well-deserved vacation you’ve been putting off for too long, you want to look your best.

Like many people, you probably spent hours searching for just the right outfit for that special occasion. Maybe you added an extra day at the gym each week to get in shape for the new swimsuit you bought for the trip. You’ve put in so much effort into looking great, and it will definitely pay off.

Our team at Bayou Dental Group wants to remind you about one more accessory you might need. It’s a brighter smile, and it starts with a phone call to our Monroe dental office for professional teeth whitening!

You can choose one of two treatment options to suit your goals, time, and budget. You can enjoy a whiter, more beautiful smile in time for your summer event, and with far less effort than it took you to shed those last few pounds or to find that perfect dress!

What Are Some Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Erase Years Of Stains

The color of your teeth can change over time for several reasons. One of those is the pigments in your food and drinks. Coffee, tea, and red wine, for example, can stain your teeth because their acidity can weaken your tooth enamel. This makes it easier for their darker colors to stick to the surface of your teeth, leaving them a brownish yellow. The same is true for dark foods like tomato-based pasta sauces or blueberries.

Another threat to your whiter smile has to do with certain lifestyle choices such as smoking and using other tobacco products. This not only hurts your oral and overall health, but it definitely leaves its mark on your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening can dramatically improve the color of your teeth, taking them from a dull brown or yellow to a bright, beautiful white. If you want your whitening treatment to have more staying power, talk to Dr. Finley about your diet and lifestyle and how those may affect the results of your whitening treatment.

Boost Your Confidence

If your smile isn’t all that it could be, it can have a huge impact on your self-confidence. With something as simple, effective, and affordable as professional teeth whitening from our Monroe, LA dental office, you have no reason to hide your smile anymore! You can easily enhance your look and boost your confidence with our easy home treatment or our in-office Zoom! Whitening program.

Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Better Than OTC Or DIY Treatments?

First, it’s important to start with a healthy mouth. A professional teeth whitening treatment will be a waste of time if you have other, more serious dental problems that need attention. That’s why Dr. Finley and our highly-trained hygienists want to first give you a thorough cleaning and exam before any whitening treatment. Give us a call if you haven’t already had your first cleaning this year!

Taking care of your dental checkup before any whitening treatment also helps us determine which one will work best for you. We offer a take home option that involves trays and professional strength whitening gel. Or you can opt for three 15-minute sessions of our in-office Zoom! Whitening treatment. In only about an hour, you could have a dramatically whiter smile than anything you’d find in stores.

Store bought whitening products can’t include strong enough levels of the whitening agents dentists use because of safety regulations. So while they may seem like a cheaper, more attractive option at first, you’d have to use them much more often to maintain the results of each treatment. That is, if you notice any results at all!

Schedule A Consultation For Professional Teeth Whitening!

You still have time before summer is officially here to have a whiter smile. Get a more radiant smile and a boost of self-confidence in time for your special occasion this summer with Dr. Finley at Bayou Dental Group!

Give us a call today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.

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