Transform Your Life & Your Smile With A Smile Creation! [BLOG]

Valentine’s Day is finally behind us, and you couldn’t be happier about that.

All the talk of romance, the Instagram posts of obnoxious bouquets and heart-shaped boxes, and the suffocating love in the air had you feeling pretty low.

While you’re happy for all the lovestruck couples in your life, Valentine’s Day is just another painful reminder that you’ve kept yourself out of the dating pool because of insecurity about your smile.

Would you like next Valentine’s Day to be different?

A smile creation at the hands of talented cosmetic dentist, Dr. Finley, at Bayou Dental Group can make it happen for you.

Our team wants to let you know how a smile creation can transform the way you feel about yourself and the way you move forward to write new, exciting chapter.

Smile Creation Blends The Finest In Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes patients will sit down with us during their first consultation and expect to hear that a smile creation involves one specific treatment.

They’re often surprised to learn that it’s a comprehensive series of treatments that differ from patient to patient.

Under the guidance of our award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Finley, your smile creation planning begins.

At your first consultation, Dr. Finley will:

-Listen to your concerns about any smile flaws that make you unhappy

-Thoroughly exam your mouth for any oral health issues

-Map out possible cosmetic solutions to correct your smile problems

-Custom-design your dream smile using the recommended path you’re comfortable with.

Dr. Finley may rely on cosmetic dentistry options like dental veneers, porcelain onlays,

teeth whitening, dental crowns, or even dental implants.

It all depends on your oral health needs and what you hope to achieve with your new smile.

Your Life After A Smile Creation

Life with dental problems is more than just an oral health issue. While it’s incredibly important to have strong, healthy teeth and gums, an attractive smile that makes you happy is just as valuable.

A winning smile draws people to you, makes you look competent and capable, and gives the confidence to engage with others without stress or shame.

Let’s take a closer look at your life after a smile creation.

*A Beautiful New Smile!

The first thing you’ll appreciate about your new smile is how beautiful it looks. No more dark stains, no more awkwardly-shaped teeth, no more chips, cracks, or gaps, and no more disproportionate teeth that look too long or too short.

Instead, your smile will look bright, balanced, smooth, and flawless!

*A Smile That Turns Back Time!

Cosmetic dentistry is like the fountain of youth. It’s remarkable how even subtle changes to the color, surface, or contour of your teeth can take years off your appearance!

That’s what you get with a smile makeover.

With the right blend of cosmetic treatments at the hands of Dr. Finley, you’ll have a more youthful smile that will enhance your overall look.

*A Smile That Gives You Confidence!

We miss so many opportunities because of insecurity and lack of confidence. It’s quite common to hear patients talk about how they let an embarrassing smile keep them from living the life they wanted.

We’d be willing to bet you know all about that! Maybe you’ve kept yourself out of contention for a job promotion, a romantic relationship, or an active social life.

No more!

When your smile creation is complete, your confidence will soar, and you’ll leave with the courage to pursue what you want out of life.

Call To Begin Your Smile Creation!

Dr. Finley is a highly-regarded cosmetic dentist who understands that your needs are unique to you. He and our cosmetic team have the skills and experience to turn the smile of your imagination into your new reality.

Our smile creation process is a personally customized plan, but there is one part of the process that’s the same for every patient.

That’s the end result. Like the countless other patients we’ve helped, your transformed smile will change the way you see yourself and how you carry yourself moving forward.

We love helping patients love their smiles, and we’re excited to do the same for you!

Call Bayou Dental Group today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request a consultation with our smile creator, Dr. Finley!

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