The Unfair Reputation Of Root Canals [BLOG]

Has tooth sensitivity made your hot cup of coffee in the morning less than satisfying?

Do you have to keep your bottles of water at room temperature just to avoid that cold, painful blast on your tooth?

Are your meals drawn out and painful because you have to chew everything on only one side of your mouth?

All of these are common signs of a decayed, diseased, or infected tooth, and it could mean you’re in need of a root canal at Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA.

The Unfair Reputation Of Root Canals

Anyone who’s had a root canal before may talk about the pain and the trauma of the experience. But what we want patients to keep in mind is that those horror stories are most likely coming from someone who had a root canal many, many years ago, or in a dentist office that has limited resources available in modern dentistry.

Those are two plausible explanations for believing that root canals live up to their reputation as a painful, dreadful form of dental treatment.

What we know at Bayou Dental Group is that, in the right hands, this reputation is unfair.

That’s because we make sure our patients are as relaxed and comfortable as possible and that our root canal procedures are simple and efficient.

It’s also unfair to claim that root canals are awful, when in reality, they’re actually the way to relief for patients dealing with intense tooth pain. Root canals don’t cause pain.

They eradicate it!

Experience Simple, Comfortable Root Canals!

Modern root canals are simpler than in years past, and surprisingly to many patients, more comfortable than you might expect. This is especially true when they’re performed by an award-winning dentist like Dr. Finley!

That’s because our Monroe, LA dental office houses the latest tools that make restorative treatments more precise and efficient, and Dr. Finley’s extensive training allows us to maximize your comfort with dental sedation.

It’s a winning combination for patients struggling with intensifying tooth pain whose dental anxiety is keeping them from getting the treatment they desperately need.

We will gently, but thoroughly, clear and sanitize your infected or diseased tooth. Then we will fill up the space with a resin so the area is safe from bacteria reinfecting it, and we’ll complete the procedure with a dental crown that we can fabricate right here in our office!

In the end, your tooth is stronger, healthier, and will function without causing you any pain!

End Your Dental Pain Now!

Dental pain needs the swift, skilled action of an experienced professional like you’ll find at Bayou Dental Group.

We can perform a simple, comfortable root canal procedure to relieve your pain and save your tooth!

Don’t wait for the ache inside your mouth to go away on its own! Call our Monroe, LA dental office today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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