The Summer Wedding Season Calls For A White Smile! [BLOG]

The summer wedding season is almost here!

Are you ready to show off a glowing, radiant smile for pictures or look into the camcorder and offer your well wishes to the happy couple feeling confident about the way your teeth look?

If not, then there’s no time to lose!

Get to Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA for teeth whitening treatment!

Why A White Smile Matters

Maybe you’re not the one walking down the aisle this summer, but that doesn’t matter. We don’t receive wedding invitations from complete strangers.

We’re invited to celebrate the union of people we know and love! For that reason, a wedding is an important occasion, whether you’re in the ceremony or attending as a guest, one where you want to look great and feel confident throughout the entire event.

It’s also the kind of life event where plenty of pictures and videos are captured, so being able to feel proud of your white, radiant smile is important!

Teeth Stains Set In Over Time

Having stained teeth isn’t the sort of thing that happens overnight.

In most cases, the stains set in slowly over time so you probably don’t really notice it until the proof is right in front of you, like when you’re going through family photos and see the difference in your smile now compared to pictures from years ago.

Part of that is just the effects of aging, but other factors contribute to the color of your teeth, like oral and overall health, prescription medications, dark foods and drinks, and of course, current or past tobacco use.

The point is, your smile, like everyone else’s, will look more dull and dingy as the years go by.

But we have the solution!

Professional Teeth Whitening Works!

With Zoom! whitening in Monroe, LA, you get results. You also have the peace of mind of knowing you’re in the hands of trained, experienced professionals who will make sure your teeth and gums are safe in the process.

If you’re pressed for time, you have the option of fast treatment right here in our office. A whiter smile can be yours in just one appointment!

But if you’d rather enjoy the perks of professional products in the comfort of your own home, take home your own customized mouth trays and our powerful whitening gel to achieve the results you want.

You can also count on us to help you maintain the lighter color of your teeth safely and effectively so your smile always shines!

Schedule Your Treatment Today!

Weddings are a happy occasion, and all in attendance and at the altar want to look their best.

An easy way to do that is to complete your wedding day look with teeth whitening treatment for a bright, healthy, younger-looking smile!

Don’t wait until the last minute! Call Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.

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