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Much of what we’ve learned about ancient civilizations comes from the stories that were passed for centuries before anything could be written down. The great oral tradition is a true testament to the power of storytelling and can help explain why we continue to value literature from thousands of years ago.

Some of the most powerful stories don’t even involve words at all. They come from images and artwork from ancient times. Here’s a fun fact: you’re a storyteller even if you don’t realize it.

It’s true. Did you know, for example, that your dentist can learn a lot about you just by looking at your teeth? When you go in for a routine dental cleaning and exam, the state of your oral health can tell us things about your life without you having to say a word.

Today, Dr. Finley and our team at Bayou Dental Group are talking about the stories your teeth can tell about your oral health.

To be fair, these are generalizations. But if your dental exam shows signs of tooth decay, enamel erosion, cavities, or gum disease, it can give some insight into your lifestyle and habits that make it a little easier for us to help you achieve a healthier smile.

We’ll talk about what these dental problems might indicate to us. Here are some of the tales your teeth can tell…

Story #1: The Tale Of Poor Nutrition

A diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals and lower in refined sugars is better if you want to achieve strong teeth and healthy gums.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery encourage saliva production for a better layer of protection on your teeth to prevent erosion. They also work to scrub the surface of your teeth as you chew them, which keeps them cleaner. You should also eat foods high in calcium and protein for stronger enamel.

Refined sugars like you find in highly processed foods are the favorite power source for the bad bacteria in your mouth. It begins a cycle of plaque and tartar buildup and the creation of erosion-causing acids in your mouth. This can all lead to cavities and infections if you’re not careful.

Story #2: The Tale Of Poor Habits

Sometimes, your dentist can guess if you’re a tobacco user or a coffee drinker just by the stains on your teeth. Actually, discoloration of your teeth can be caused by many different factors, some that you can control, and others you can’t.

Age, genetics, medications, and overall health can cause your teeth to become dingy in color over time. So we don’t know for sure what’s behind your teeth stains.

That’s why we want you to feel comfortable talking to us about some of the food and drinks you enjoy consistently that may contain darker pigments. This way, we can help you determine the best whitening method for you if you’re interested in a whiter, brighter smile.

We also want to encourage you, if you do happen to smoke or use tobacco, to do all you can to quit, not just for the sake of your smile, but for your overall health.

Story #3: The Tale Of Poor Oral Hygiene

You should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. This is probably something you already do. Unfortunately, some people are just more prone to dental problems for a variety of reasons regardless of how dedicated they are to brushing their teeth.

You also should floss once a day. Surprisingly, studies show that only one in five Americans actually do this! Flossing is an important part of keeping your mouth clear of food particles that get left behind after you eat so bacteria doesn’t have anything to snack on!

Start A New Chapter At Bayou Dental Group!

Again, these are generalizations, so we’re not saying that finding cavities or decay means you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do. So many factors can contribute to dental problems that are beyond your control.

But if we can find small problems before they have a chance to get worse, you can better achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Regular dental checkups with Dr. Finley and our skilled hygienists can keep you on the right track for good oral health!

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