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One of the best parts of working as dental professionals is getting to meet so many people. There’s just something special about building relationships with whole families.

We’ve cared for young couples, their children, and then their children’s children.

We also know that there are people out there right now in our part of Louisiana looking for a dental center that can meet their family’s oral care needs.

Whether you are new to our area, are looking for a new dentist, or are finally ready to come back to the dentist office after avoiding it for years, our team at Bayou Dental Group is here to welcome you.

We serve patients from Monroe, LA, and several nearby communities.

Quality Care

You can expect friendly and professional service when you come to our office.

That starts with our dentist, Dr. Finley, who grew up in Monroe and returned home to serve the people and the community that he loves.

Dr. Finley brings more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of hours of continuing education to his work. He puts his heart into everything he does because he wants every patient to have the best experience possible when he or she visits us.

Dr. Finley also brings a unique set of credentials. He is just one of 30 dentists who have attained fellowship status with both the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

He has assembled a team of equally dedicated individuals. From the moment you walk through our door until they time you leave our office, you can expect friendly and professional service.

State-Of-The-Art Treatment

We believe our patients deserve the best care possible. This is why our staff makes continuing education a priority. It’s also why we have incorporated cutting-edge technology into our practice.

Two great examples of this are our CEREC dental crowns and our cone beam scanner.

CEREC is short for ceramic restoration, and it allows us to prepare a patient’s tooth and bond a permanent dental crown in place in a single visit. This is possible because of our in-house milling machine, which can create your dental crown while you want.

We don’t have to order your dental crown from a laboratory and give you a temporary crown to wear while we want for your real crown to come back.

Cone beam scanning has changed dentistry as well. This scanner can take hundreds of images of your mouth in a matter of minutes. With computer software, those images are assembled to create a detailed three-dimensional model of your teeth and jaw.

This helps us plan and prepare more effectively for dental implant placements and other procedures.

Your Family Dentist

General dentistry isn’t just about the latest gadgets. To do it right, you also have to care about your patients. For us, that’s an important part of making your dental experience the best that it can be.

When a young child is coming to us for his or her first dental visit. We do everything that we can to make this a fun and enjoyable time.

While we do want to examine your child’s teeth, we also know we are starting to build a relationship with him or her. It’s a relationship that we hope continue for decades into the future.

And this visit isn’t just for the child. It’s for the parents, too. We want you to ask questions. We want to do everything that we can to help you. We can provide answers about oral hygiene and cavity prevention, about the effects of thumb-sucking, and about the benefits of good nutrition.

A Wide Range Of Services

We want you to visit us a few times every year for cleanings and examinations, but our service goes far beyond basic preventive care.

We offer a number of restorative services for our patients. In addition to our dental crowns, we offer dental bridges, denture, and dental implants as ways to repair smiles that have been altered by damaged or missing teeth.

Our cosmetic services include teeth whitening, porcelain onlays, and veneers. Through our smile creation process, we can work with you to design the smile that you want to see every day when you look in the mirror.

Come Say Hello

If you are new to our area or just new to our office, we look forward to meeting you soon. You can download our new patient forms, so you can fill them out before your first appointment. This allows you to fill them out at your convenience and saves you time when you come to our dentist office in Monroe, LA, for your first appointment.

To schedule your visit, call Bayou Dental Group at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form today.

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