Put Problems With Your Dentures Behind You! [BLOG]

If you’ve had it with traditional dentures and want to find a more permanent, stable form of tooth replacement, visit Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA for advanced dental implant solutions!

You can put denture problems behind you and resume the quality of life you’ve been missing!


Common Problems With Standard Dentures

Here are some of the most common problems denture patients struggle with and drawbacks we can help you avoid if you opt to secure them with dental implants:

*Adhesives Are Messy*

Keeping standard dentures in place requires a good fit, natural suction, and the use of adhesives, which can be pretty messy. Even if the adhesives work well for you, it’s still a hassle many dentures patients often complain about.

*Dentures Are Slippery*

One slip of your dentures is one slip too many!

That’s because it can be such an embarrassing experience to have your dentures move around in front of other people. To keep it from happening ever again, you’ll constantly be fixated on your teeth instead of enjoying yourself during family dinners or other social events.

*Your Nutrition Suffers*

It’s a bit contradictory that the same dental solution meant to help you continue to function with some normalcy is the same thing that can hurt your health in other ways.

Nutritional deficiency is a big setback to wearing standard dentures because you’ll inevitably have to cut a lot of healthy foods from your diet. Raw, crunchy vegetables, lean protein, and nuts take a strong bite force, something you don’t have with regular dentures.

*Your Gums Get Sore*

Because traditional dentures sit on your gums, even the little pressure you’re able to put on them to eat soft foods are enough to irritate your gums after a while. So even with a snug fit where your dentures aren’t moving around on you, you can still have sore gums because those soft, sensitive tissues aren’t made to take that constant stress.

Bacteria can also get trapped under your dentures and cause discomfort, not to mention other potential problems for your dental health.


Put Problems With Your Dentures Behind You!

Let our experts at Bayou Dental Group help you put all those denture problems behind you this year with our advanced dental implant solutions.

Instead of messy adhesives, irritated gums, and embarrassing slips, you can eat and smile with comfort and confidence!

*Dental Implant Solutions*

You don’t have to get a dental implant for every single missing tooth.

In fact, if you’re in need of a full arch replacement, we may be able to complete your smile by attaching your dentures to only a few dental implants strategically placed inside your mouth.

Using four or six dental implants in those spots where your jawbone is strongest, your dentures can be secured for maximum biting power, allowing you to eat what you want without worrying that your dentures will shift.

Not only is this a more cost-effective way to replace many missing teeth, but it’s the most stable and naturally-functioning way to rebuild your smile and encourage lasting oral health after tooth loss.

Schedule A Consultation!

Don’t go another year dealing with the same old problems with your dentures.

With our advanced dental implant solutions, we’ll help you put those issues in the past where they belong!

Call Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request a tooth replacement consultation.

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