Get Your Summer Athletic Mouthguard Now! [BLOG]

It’s the first game of your summer softball season, and you’re excited about being back on the field playing in a league with your co-workers.

You get to loosen up, have a little fun, get some exercise, and just let the stress of adult life and parenthood fade away for a couple of hours.

Your spouse and the kids are cheering you on from the bleachers, and for a moment, you lose focus.

That’s when it hits you… literally!

A line drive you weren’t ready for crashes into your jaw, breaks your tooth, and leaves your mouth throbbing in pain.

That’s no way to start the season!

You need to visit Dr. Finley and our team in Monroe, LA for an athletic mouthguard so you’re protected from injuries like the one we just described.

3 Reasons To Get An Athletic Mouthguard

Here are just three of the many reasons an athletic mouthguard should only come from a trained professional like you’ll find at Bayou Dental Group:

*Your Healthy Smile Is Worth It*

The cheaper option, of course, is to grab a mouthguard from the sporting goods store.

But taking the cheap route now could cost you a great deal later.

That’s because a mouthguard that’s not measured especially for you won’t fit comfortably. You’re not likely to wear it if that’s the case.

Thus, your teeth and gums are at risk for blunt force contact and traumatic dental injuries.

That can lead to costly, and probably invasive, dental treatments.

Your smile and oral health are worth the investment in a high-quality, customized athletic mouthguard from an experienced dentist!

*Your Team Is Counting On You*

If you play a team sport like softball or baseball, then your performance affects every player. That means letting yourself become distracted by a shifting, loose mouthguard only puts your safety, and that of your team members, at risk.

Not being able to breathe and speak to your teammates easily because of a poorly-fitted mouthguard also threatens your team’s safety and overall performance.

Even if you play a sport where you’re the only one on the field or court, you and your coach are both counting on your ability to focus, concentrate, and perform safely.

*You Deserve The Best Protection*

The only reason anyone needs to wear an athletic mouthguard in the first place is for protection.

So what good would an ill-fitting guard from a store do you if it didn’t cover your teeth and gums properly? Where’s the protection in that?

There is none, because only a custom-made mouthguard created according to a dentist’s precise measurements will provide full, adequate coverage.

You deserve the best, and when it comes to protecting your teeth and gums from harm, only a dentist can offer that!

Get An Athletic Mouthguard Now!

It’s only April, but the summer sports season will be here before you know it.

Don’t let time run out before getting your athletic mouthguard from Dr. Finley in Monroe, LA!

Make sure you’re safe from dental injuries by the time the first whistle blows!

To schedule an appointment, call Bayou Dental Group today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form.

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