5 Tips To Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy This Summer! [BLOG]

As your family gears up for another summer of fun in the sun, it can be easy to let certain important routines and responsibilities fall through the cracks. But fear not!

Your friends at Bayou Dental Group are here to help you keep your family’s smiles healthy despite the changes to your schedule and habits this time of year.

5 Dental Health Tips For Summer

Here are 5 dental health tips from your Monroe family dentist that will help you keep everyone’s teeth and gums clean, healthy, and strong:

*Stick To Your Oral Hygiene Routines*

We know everyone’s routines are a bit off during the summer months. Since many kids are out of school, your days might be filled with sports, camps, and even a road trip or two.

No matter how your day-to-day schedule or surroundings may change this summer, be sure your family is sticking to their daily oral hygiene regimen. Brushing and flossing isn’t the only way to ensure healthy teeth and gums, but it’s a critical element that can’t be skipped.

*Show Your Kids That Brushing Can Be Fun*

Kids get bored easily, especially now that most of them are growing up with some sort of electronic device in their hands. You have to keep things fun if you want them to participate, and this applies to their daily brushing and flossing habits.

Show them it’s fun to clean their teeth by setting a timer or playing a song to make sure they’re brushing for two minutes each time, let them pick out their own toothbrush with their favorite colors and characters on it, or create a reward system to keep their oral care regimen on track.

*Stay Hydrated*

With the summer heat, your family will be tearing through the icy cold beverages all season long. It’s important to stay well-hydrated to avoid dry mouth because your teeth and gums depend on the protection of bacteria-fighting saliva.

Make sure everyone in your household is drinking more water than anything else. Fruit juice, sports drinks, and sodas not only fail to keep you hydrated, but they’re packed with added sugar and increase your risk for tooth decay and cavities.

*Go Easy On Junk Food*

During the summer, you might be spending time at the local pool, the beach, or on a family vacation. You’ll need snacks along the way, but be careful about what you pack.

Pass on the junk foods that are loaded with sugar and refined carbs, and instead, fill the cooler and beach bag with healthy foods that strengthen your teeth, like crunchy raw veggies, cut-up fruit, almonds, and cheese.

*Visit Your Monroe Family Dentist*

At some point this summer, you should schedule routine dental cleanings and exams for your family.

But you’ll want to choose the right practice that suits your needs. There are unique benefits to trusting a family dentist who can treat everyone in your household, like:


  • Convenience – With school out, you may have more time and flexibility to schedule everyone’s dental appointments, but that time should be spent having fun and creating memories! Scheduling an appointment where you and the kids can be seen at the same time is far more convenient.
  • Savings – Save time, gas, and money by bringing your family to one place instead of driving everyone around to different dental practices and paying multiple office fees.
  • Organization – At a family dentist, all your medical and dental records are stored together so you don’t have to contact multiple offices to track down information when you need it!
  • Familiarity – One of the best ways to prevent adult dental anxiety is by introducing your children to a kid-friendly dentist office at an early age. With Dr. Finley and our caring team, your kids will grow up in a familiar setting seeing familiar faces, and those relationships will positive attitudes and confidence about professional dental care for a lifetime of good oral health.

Schedule An Appointment!

Take advantage of more convenient, high-quality dental care from a team who can meet all your family’s oral health needs in one place!

Before your summer schedule fills up, set up your family’s next dental appointment at Bayou Dental Group today!

Call 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to schedule your visit to our Monroe, LA dentist office.

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