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Dental experts suggest switching to a new toothbrush about every 3-4 months. So if you’re used to getting a new toothbrush every six months at the end of your dental cleaning and exam, you’ll need to figure out how to choose one on your own between trips to the dentist!

Our team at Bayou Dental Group is here to help with today’s tips for choosing the best toothbrush to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy!

How To Know Which Toothbrush Is Best

There are certain tools in your house that you will use every single day. Because of that, you need to be able to count on them to serve their purpose safely and effectively.

Your toothbrush is probably the most used among them, which is why using the right one is so important.

Here are four considerations to help guide your decision in choosing the right toothbrush for you:

*Follow The ADA Recommendation*

The American Dental Association suggests a soft-bristle toothbrush is the best choice.

This is surprising to many people because the assumption is that hard bristles will do a better job of scrubbing your teeth.

While that may be true, that doesn’t mean scrubbing your teeth with harsh bristles and more pressure is good for your teeth. Brushing your teeth too hard and too vigorously may damage and weaken your enamel, so despite what you may have thought, a soft-bristle brush is ideal.

*Size Matters When Choosing A Toothbrush*

The size of your toothbrush matters for a couple of reasons.

First, you want the grip itself to be comfortable and secure. One that’s too small or too big for your hand will be more difficult to use, or more tempting to not use, which isn’t good!

Along with grip, the head of your toothbrush should be large enough to cover all the areas inside your mouth easily without being too big to effectively reach the many nooks and crannies in there, as well.

*When An Electric Toothbrush Makes More Sense*

You might hear friends and relatives claim that an electric toothbrush does a better job of cleaning your teeth than a standard brush.

But really, that’s only true in certain cases. For example, if you’re struggling with dexterity issues from age, arthritis, or injury, it would might make more sense to choose an electric toothbrush because it does much of the work for you.

You could also be undergoing special gum disease therapy recommended by the dentist, in which case you may bounce back more easily with help from an electric toothbrush.

Overall, Dr. Finley is the best source if you want to know which direction you should go on this particular issue.

*Once You Know Which Is Best, The Rest Is Easy*

At this point, your decision has been narrowed down to preferences about style, brand, and color. Some people might want a toothbrush that won’t clash with the color scheme of their bathroom since it will be constantly visible. Others may consider a brush with fewer curves so it fits through the hole of your toothbrush holder.

It’s a matter of personal taste, and when it comes to that, you’re the expert who knows which one to buy.

Schedule An Appointment

If you still aren’t sure if your toothbrush is getting the job done for your teeth and gums, then come to our Monroe, LA dental office and talk to Dr. Finley about it.

He’ll help you make the best choice according to your individual dental needs so you don’t waste time spinning your wheels with the wrong tools for effective oral care at home.

Call Bayou Dental Group today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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