4 Little-Known Secrets About Laser Gum Therapy [BLOG]

Before Gum Disease Awareness Month draws to a close, our team at Bayou Dental Group needs you to know that there is hope in restoring your oral health after it’s been impacted by this infection with more precision and comfort than conventional surgical methods.

And Dr. Finley has the tools, training, and experience to perform it in our Monroe, LA dental practice!

4 Little-Known Secrets About Laser Gum Therapy

Here are a few little-known secrets about laser gum therapy as an advanced solution in gum disease treatment!

#1 – No Scalpel. No Cutting. No Problem!

Now that dental lasers can be used instead of scalpels to remove gum disease infection, patients can experience more comfortable treatment.

No scalpel means no cutting.

And no cutting means no stitching and less bleeding!

Laser therapy is a less invasive alternative in modern gum disease treatment that makes it easier, especially for anxious patients, to restore their oral health.

#2 – It Makes Healing Faster & Easier

With any medical or dental procedure that involves cutting and stitching, there’s always a risk for post-op infection. That’s precisely the problem gum disease treatment is trying to solve!

Another issue is healing time, which is longer when you’ve had any tissue cut and stitched.

Both potential problems are more easily avoided with dental lasers, because after the infected tissue has been removed, the area is cauterized for faster, easier recovery.

#3 – Your Healthy Gums Can Stay That Way!

Another advantage of using lasers to treat gum disease is precision. A scalpel, even in very capable hands, can still get some of your healthy gum tissue unnecessarily as the infected tissue is being removed. A laser, on the other hand, can be more carefully navigated around healthy tissue to remove infected areas deep underneath and around your gumline.

#4 – The Only Thing That WILL Be Cut Is Time!

You’ve already learned that there’s no cutting or stitching in laser gum treatment, but there is one thing that will be cut, and we promise it isn’t scary!

It’s time.

The time you spend in the dental chair can be reduced, not only because the procedure itself is more efficient than traditional gum surgery, but it gets you back on the road to recovery from the effects of gum disease faster.

Treating gum disease in the early stages can help you avoid complicated, costly dental treatments in the future, such as tooth replacement procedures, which can also cut down the time you spend at the dentist office.

When your gum health is restored, you can eventually get back to routine dental appointments about every six months and keep better track of any changes to your oral health before they advance into more complicated problems.

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It takes special training and technology to incorporate modern, more comfortable and efficient techniques into a dental practice.

That’s why Dr. Finley and our team are able to offer gum disease treatment with dental lasers, something you won’t find just anywhere. It’s one of the many ways we invest in our patients, doing what we can to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry and creating positive experiences for you at every visit!

To find out if you could benefit from nonsurgical gum disease treatment in Monroe, LA, call Bayou Dental Group today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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