4 Cosmetic Dentistry Gift Ideas [BLOG]

Don’t worry about fighting the hectic traffic to finish your holiday shopping.

Head to your Monroe, LA dentist for cosmetic dentistry!

Bayou Dental Group has all the transformative, advanced solutions you need to turn an embarrassing smile into the smile of your dreams. With our talented, experienced team, you can have the kind of sparkling, bright, healthy-looking smile that will help you relax, have fun, and feel confident all year long.

4 Cosmetic Dentistry Gift Ideas!

If you really want a beautiful smile that will give you more confidence and help you enjoy yourself, for the holidays or every day, here are some cosmetic dentistry gift ideas!


What a gift it is to be able to smile with confidence because of your white, shining teeth!

Our teeth whitening treatment uses powerful bleaching agents that lift years of dark stains that have set in on your teeth over time. Bright, bold colors in your food and drinks, as well as certain medications, health conditions, oral hygiene habits, and lifestyle choices all leave a dark residue that our whitening systems can remove in a single session or with our at-home treatment you control!


Damaged teeth need to be repaired if you want to protect them from worse damage down the road. But you should also do it because damaged teeth aren’t attractive.

Dental veneers solve both problems!

They’re really strong, despite how thin and delicate they appear to be. Veneers also cover flawed teeth, those that have:





*Rough, worn edges

*A shape or size that doesn’t blend in with the rest

Your smile will be completely transformed with custom dental veneers!


Tooth bonding is simpler than getting dental veneers, and more affordable, too. This is a great option if you have minor dental flaws that haven’t advanced enough to justify veneers. If you want to cover up slightly chipped or cracked teeth, or fill small gaps between your teeth, bonding is an effective solution. We use a composite resin to hide imperfections and restore the pristine, flawless look of your damaged teeth and can reshape any slightly misshapen teeth that stand out for a more attractive smile.


Most people don’t pay much attention to a person’s gums when they’re talking to them, until it becomes impossible not to!

Too much gum tissue that extends over a large portion of each tooth will throw your smile out of balance.

We can adjust your gumline so that your teeth get all the attention when you smile, not your gums!

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Our team wants nothing more than for you to have a healthy, happy smile for the holidays, even if you get off to a late start with cosmetic dental treatment.

With our wide-ranging smile solutions, you’ll look and feel amazing for many holiday seasons to come!

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