3 Myths About Root Canals You Can Dismiss Now! [BLOG]

Don’t let that tooth sensitivity or a toothache get worse just because you’re afraid you might need a root canal!

Visit Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA for comfortable root canal therapy that will protect your oral health, preserve your smile, and end your tooth pain!

3 Root Canal Myths To Ignore!

Here are three popular root canal myths you can disregard:

#1 – If I needed a root canal, I’d know it.

Not always.

True, pain you might experience with an infected or abscessed tooth can be quite intense and unique. So if you’ve felt that kind of pain before, you could probably guess a root canal is needed.

But that’s not a guarantee that you’ll always feel the problem!

It’s one of the reasons it’s so important to visit your Monroe dentist on a regular basis for dental cleanings and exams. We’re able to detect problems before the symptoms are noticeable to you.

If we determine you have an infected tooth, we will remove infection and cap the tooth with a durable dental crown to seal out bacteria. This helps to prevent the infection from returning or spreading.

#2 – Isn’t it better to just pull the tooth?

It may seem more sensible to pull an infected tooth rather than treat it with a root canal, but it’s actually not ideal.

The best option, as any experienced dentist would tell you, is to keep the teeth you have whenever possible. Nothing is as good as the real thing, so we always do what we can to save a tooth first. Pulling it would only lead to another problem, which involves the health, strength, and longevity of your jawbone. Once a tooth is gone, you’d have to place a dental implant to even come close to getting the same function back that you had with your real tooth, and that can be a costly solution if it’s something you can actually avoid.

By removing the infection from inside your tooth and covering it with a dental crown, you’re preserving your natural tooth, which is always preferable to a replacement tooth.

#3 – Root canals hurt!

This may have been true in the past, but it’s no longer true today.

At least, it’s not true in our Monroe dental practice! In fact, our root canal therapy doesn’t cause pain, but rather, it ends tooth pain!

Root canals are a routine procedure at Bayou Dental Group, no more complicated for our dentists than a tooth filling. We provide gentle, effective root canal treatment you have to experience for yourself to believe!

We also offer dental sedation if this particular myth has made you too anxious to schedule your procedure up until now. You can reach a deep state of relaxation while we do the work to relieve your pain and keep your mouth healthy!

Experience Comfortable Treatment For Yourself!

The reason it’s so important to call out the myths about root canals is because believing them will keep too many people from getting the treatment they need to protect their oral and overall health.

Pain or infection in your mouth shouldn’t be ignored!

Let us help you find relief and keep your dental health on track with comfortable root canal treatment in Monroe, LA!

To schedule an appointment at Bayou Dental Group, call us today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form.

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