Professional Teeth Whitening in Monroe, LA

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. That is certainly the case with teeth whitening in Monroe, LA. Smoking or eating some foods and drinking some beverages will stain or discolor your teeth. Yellowing or discolored teeth can negatively affect your appearance and lower your self-confidence. Whitening is an easy and affordable cosmetic boost for your smile.

For safe and effective professional teeth whitening, come to Bayou Dental Group. We offer professional-grade whitening trays and kits to do at home, and Zoom! whitening here at our office. Before any teeth whitening treatment, Monroe, LA dentist Dr. Finley recommends you have thorough teeth cleaning appointment with one of our hygienists.

Zoom! Whitening Procedure
● The lips and gums are covered for protection
● The Zoom! hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth
● A special light is placed over the teeth to activate the gel for 15 minutes
● While the gel is working, you can watch TV, listen to music, or just relax
● You’ll experience three 15-minute gel activation sessions for a total of 45 minutes
● A sensitivity-reducing fluoride gel or paste is applied to the teeth
● Treatment time is usually one hour or less

Dr. Finley will advise you about oral care to maintain your newly brightened smile, including avoiding certain foods or drinks and maybe using a special toothpaste. We know you will love your results!

To set up a teeth whitening consultation Dr. David Finley, visit our Monroe, LA office for appointment page or call Bayou Dental Group today at (318) 302-4236.