Preventive Dentistry in Monroe, LA

There is a proven two-pronged approach to preventive dentistry – good oral hygiene at home and regular dental visits. Here at Bayou Dental Group, Monroe, LA dentist and staff are happy to lead you to a healthy mouth!

Great Oral Hygiene at Home
● Brush your teeth twice a day
● Floss once a day
● Examine your teeth and gums daily

Regular Dental Visits with Dr. David Finley
● At least twice a year
● Professional cleaning to clean places you cannot reach at home
● Thorough exam to look for signs of decay or other dental problems
● Gum disease prevention
● Tooth decay prevention – fluoride treatment and sealants
● Treatment of dental problems

You are the best advocate for your oral health. Doing your part at home with brushing and flossing is a good start, but you need to come and see your Monroe, LA dentist regularly for preventive dentistry to keep your teeth strong and your whole mouth healthy.

Has it been awhile since you have seen a dentist or dental hygienist? We like to say, “A lifetime of smiles begins here!” If you are due for a dental cleaning and exam, please call (318) 302-4236 or visit our appointment page today.