All-on-4® and All-on-6 Implants in Monroe, LA

Do you have several missing teeth? Are you wearing old, removable dentures that tend to come off when you eat or speak? Now you can smile with confidence and eat whatever you want with the All­-on­-Four or All­-on­-Six non-­removable replacement teeth options from our Monroe, LA office. Dr. Finley of Bayou Dental Group is one of the few dentists in the country offering these revolutionary dental implant dentures.

All-­on-­Four and All-­on-Six are types of non­-removable teeth replacement that was developed to help patients with missing teeth regain a fully-­functional mouth quickly. Instead of using one implant for every missing tooth, All­-on-Four uses only four implants and All-­on-Six uses six implants to take advantage of existing bone to stabilize a complete upper or lower permanent denture.

All­-on­-Four and All­-on-­Six are excellent alternatives to traditional removable dentures. Besides providing stability and durability, there are other benefits.

Your wallet will benefit from a more affordable dental implant solution. Because only four or six implants are needed, the procedure is relatively more affordable than traditional implant placement where one implant is used to replace each missing tooth.

Your calendar will benefit from a shorter treatment time. Traditional implant surgery and placement may take several months to complete. In general, the All­-on­-Four or All­-on-­Six procedure requires just two to four visits: consultation, evaluation, implant placement and placement of permanent replacement teeth.

Is All­-on-­Four or All-­on-­Six Right for You?

The best way to find out if All-­on-­Four or All-­on-­Six is right for you is to talk to Dr. Finley about your oral health goals and concerns. Dr. Finley will perform a thorough evaluation to determine which teeth replacement method suits you best.

Dr. Finley received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northeast Louisiana University and his D.D.S. from Louisiana State University.

If you are ready to say goodbye to removable dentures and have All-on-Four & All-on-Six dental implants, call Bayou Dental Group at 318-302-4236 now or use our online form to schedule a consultation with your Monroe, LA dentist.