Zoom! Teeth Whitening for Father’s Day

It’s almost time for another summer in Monroe, LA. Here at Bayou Dental Group we are excited to see families out having fun together and enjoying their health in the sunshine. The only thing better than a bright and healthy smile is a whole family full of bright and healthy smiles. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy doing this blog. It let’s us help you take care of your family’s smiles, even when you are not in our Monroe office.

Since summer is nearly here, you know Father’s Day is just around the corner. Are you still looking for that perfect gift? Dads can be really hard to find gifts for, so how about getting him a brighter smile with Zoom! teeth whitening from Bayou Dental Group this year? Cosmetic dentistry is one of those things that many people don’t think of for themselves, either because it is not directly related to oral healthy, or because they are simply unaware of the choices available. That makes cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening, an ideal gift.

Here at Bayou Dental Group, we think everyone deserves to be happy with their smile, and if they aren’t, we can help them do something about it.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening at Bayou Dental Group

Your father doesn’t have to be a smoker or coffee drinker to benefit from a teeth whitening treatment. Simply aging is enough to dim his smile. But with Zoom! teeth whitening, we can dial the brightness of his smile back up a few notches.

When you bring your dad into our office in Monroe, the first thing we will do is examine his mouth thoroughly to ensure there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease. If your father’s mouth isn’t completely healthy, then those issues will have to be dealt with before we can whiten his teeth.

When we are certain your father’s teeth are free of decay and his gums are free of disease, we will then start the process by taking an impression of his teeth. These will be used to make custom whitening trays that will fit perfectly over your father’s teeth. The custom trays ensure that the professional grade bleaching gel will coat his teeth evenly for consistent whitening. These special made trays will also make sure the bleaching gel does not spill out onto the gums, where it could cause irritation.

Your dad can get an in-office treatment for quick results, or take the trays home for a more convenient treatment. Either way, in a short while he will have a newer and brighter smile to make this Father’s Day one for the record books.

The Value of a Happy Smile

When it comes to oral health and family dentistry, most of the focus goes on functional issues, like preventing tooth decay and gum disease. But cosmetic issues are important, too. The way you look, or at least the way you feel about how you look, has a great effect on how you feel. A beautiful smile goes a long way. It aids in interpersonal communication, and it is one of the first things someone new will notice about you. That means it is incredibly important to have a smile that makes you happy.

If your father is not happy about his smile, then use this Father’s Day as an opportunity to make him happy about it.

Contact Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA to schedule an appointment for your dad.

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