Your Kids Will Love Brushing If You Make It Fun

Good day, Monroe! We hope you are enjoying these final days of spring as you take some time to read the blog of Bayou Dental Group. We are dedicated to providing quality dental care to the fine families of Monroe, LA, and this blog is just another way that we do that. Information and ideas about modern family dentistry is what this forum is all about. Helping you keep up with the best ways to protect your family’s oral health is just one of the ways Bayou Dental Group goes the extra mile to keep your and your family’s smile looking great!

Establishing healthy oral hygiene routines is one of the most important things you can do to protect your oral health.This includes brushing and flossing your teeth, as well as making wise food choices. As your long as you’re around, you can make sure your kids are doing these things, but what about when they are on their own? It is up to you to instill healthy routines into your children now, so that when they are older, they will value their teeth, and recognize the importance of oral health.

This is not always so easily done. Trying to explain the importance of oral health to a child can be frustrating and futile, so you will have to find ways to establish the healthy habits, even if your kids don’t totally understand why they are doing them. Often, the best ways to get children interested in something they don’t want to do is to make it a part of something they love to do. In other words, make it fun.

Here are some ideas on how to make brushing their teeth fun for your kids, so that they will learn to love oral hygiene.

Add Music to the Mix

If you want to make brushing a party, you better have some party music. Playing a song for your kids to brush along to is a surefire way to get them excited about dental care. A mid-tempo song with a catchy melody is perfect for creating a rhythm they can brush in time to.

Using music to motivate your children to brush has the added benefit in that it makes it easy to know your kids are brushing long enough. They need to brush for about two minutes, so just use a song that is roughly that length and you have a built-in timer.

Tell Them a Story

Combining oral health with storytime is great way to take care of your kids’ teeth, enrich their lives, and save time. Reading to your kids while they brush their teeth takes a mundane, yet important, task and adds an element of imagination. And since you probably read to your kids every night anyway, you are saving time by combining two tasks.

Like playing a song, reading to your kids while they brush allows you to easily monitor how long and how well they are brushing. So, just find a story they love, and they will go running for their toothbrushes.

Brush as a Family

There is no better way to get everyone excited about brushing than to make it a family event. Some healthy modeling will teach your kids the importance of dental care, while doing it as a family makes it a fun little party, especially if your add some music.

Bring Your Kids to Our Monroe Office

It is also important to get your kids used to going to the dentist at a young age, that way it won’t be so scary for them when they are older. You can let sit in on one of your visits, or have them come in for a cleaning. Either way, here at Bayou Dental Group, we will take care of your family and keep them smiling.

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