You Deserve A Second Chance At A Great Smile

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Americans appreciate second chances. We all make mistakes, and hopefully, we learn from those mistakes. Dental crowns and bridges are modern dentistry’s way of giving you a second chance at your smile.

When Dr. Finley started his practice he wanted it to become a Louisiana dental center where his patients could get the help they wanted and needed from professionals who cared about them and their smiles.

Today, Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA, is a place where our patients know they are supported whether they want to prevent oral health issues or they are seeking teeth restorations.

You can make an appointment by calling us or contacting us online if you want to see how a dental crown or bridge could give you another opportunity to have a great smile.

New Life For Damaged Teeth

One tooth.

That’s all it takes to change your smile. A chipped tooth, a cracked tooth, or a decayed tooth can make you feel embarrassed to open your mouth.

It can change how you act and how you interact with the person who fixes your morning coffee, with the clients you talk to at your job, and even your family and friends. In other words, it can affect your whole life.

Now imagine how you could change that by repairing your tooth and restoring is shape, size, and function. Now imagine doing that in a single visit to the dentist office.

You just imagined a visit to Bayou Dental Group. We offer CEREC dental crowns at our office. CEREC (short for “ceramic restoration”) crowns are made with our in-office milling machine.

We don’t have to send an order to a lab, which could take weeks to finish your dental crown. Instead, our team can make a crown specifically for your mouth from a small block of ceramic.

With 3D imaging, we can scan your teeth and use that information to create a dental crown that fits well with the rest of your smile. In many cases, we can have your crown completed and bonded to your tooth in 90 minutes or less.

Replacing Lost Teeth

If a single damaged tooth can affect how someone feels about his or her smile, how much more can losing a tooth or multiple teeth do?

It’s not just your smile that is affected by this loss. Often, this changes how you eat, and what you can eat as well.

You could feel sorry for yourself about what happened. You could question what you could have done differently along the way.

Or you can take charge of the situation. You can make an appointment with Dr. Finley to fill in the space in your smile and bring back your bite.

The number of teeth that need to be replaced could affect how we approach your situation.

A single lost tooth can be replaced with either a traditional bridge or with a dental crown and implant combination.

With the bridge, three crowns would be bonded together. The two teeth nearest to your missing tooth would be reshaped so they could support the bridge.

With the other approach, the dental implant would be embedded in your jaw. The implant would take the place of the root of your lost tooth. The dental crown would be added to the both complete the look of your natural tooth and to give you the biting and chewing surface that you need.

For someone missing multiple teeth, an implant-supported dental bridge provides the greatest long-term benefit. Again, the implants replace the roots and thus provide strength and stability.

The bridge itself would be placed over the implants to rebuild your smile.

Do You Deserve A Second Chance At Your Smile?

People will spend years restoration old cars. People spend months restoring old pieces of furniture, and some people will spend decades renovating old houses to return them to their former glory.

How much more important is your smile? You only get one, but that doesn’t mean you only have one chance to have a great one.

Whether you suffered an injury, tooth decay, or a chipped tooth, a dental crown can bring back the appearance of your smile. Gum disease, accidents, and tooth infections can cause you to lose teeth, but you don’t have to lose your smile. You can get a dental bridge instead.

Your Louisiana Restoration Expert

If you are interested in restoring your smile, you deserve to have it done right. That’s why you should go to someone, like our own Dr. Finley, with decades of experience doing that very thing.

Schedule a consultation to find out if a dental crown or bridge could help you smile like you once did. Call our dentist office in Monroe, LA, at 318-302-4236 for fill out our online form to make your appointment today.

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