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If humans were like sharks, we would never care about losing our teeth. When one tooth fell out, the next one would take its place.

The tooth fairy might not like that arrangement, but it sure would make our lives a lot easier.

As it is, we humans get two sets of teeth. Our primary teeth are meant to fall out. The serve as placeholders until our permanent teeth are ready to erupt.

Our permanent teeth are meant to be just that — permanent. Nevertheless, many people will lose one or two teeth during their lives.

Another group of people will lose one or both rows of their teeth. At one time, their only option would have been traditional dentures.

Today they have another choice, a choice that is almost like growing a third set of teeth. If this sounds like something that could interest you or someone who you know, call our dentist at Bayou Dental Group. Our office is located in Monroe, LA.

Slippery And Unstable

If someone described another person this way, you would probably assume that person was not to be trusted.

And yet, this is exactly the kind of experience that many people have with traditional dentures.

If you have well-made dentures, they should be designed to match your mouth and to rest comfortably over your gums.

This is usually OK at first. Your dentures will stay in place, more or less. You will feel comfortable smiling in photos and sharing stories with people.

But sometimes, your dentures will come loose.

This could happen when you try to take a bite of some food that is too hard, too crunchy, or too chewy. This might happen when you try to share a funny story from your childhood with your grandchildren.

Or it might happen for no apparent reason.

It might even happen more and more frequently the longer you have your dentures.

What you can’t see is the effect your dentures are having — or rather, not having — on your jawbone.

Contact Needed

Most people appreciate contact of some kind. Handshakes and hugs are two ways that we show that we are comfortable with other people.

Our jawbones may not want hugs or handshakes, but they need contact to remain healthy and strong.

When you had teeth, this was not a problem. The roots of your teeth were embedded in your upper and lower jaws. Your root pushed on your jawbones whenever you took a bite of something, chewed your food, or chewed on a piece of gum.

When your jawbones felt that pressure, they responded by making new tissue. This new tissue replaced older tissue as it was reabsorbed, and this process kept your jaw strong and healthy.

Without roots or a replacement, your jaw is not getting the contact that it needs. New tissue does not replace the old tissue. As a result, your jaw will start to lose mass and density.

Over time, the shape of your jaw will change. That will affect the shape of your gum tissue, and that will affect how well and how comfortably your dentures fit.

Working Together

There is a way that your dentures and your jaw can work together to make one another stronger. That is through implant-supported dentures.

For many patients, we even recommend non-removable teeth replacement through the All-on-Six® or All-on-4® procedures.

These procedures were developed to give patients the most benefit possible from a few strategically-placed dental implants.

Before we go further, we should explain that dental implants are meant to replace the roots of your missing teeth. They are placed in your jawbone. This provides pressure to keep your jaw strong, and your healthy jaw will hold the implants securely in place.

With non-removable teeth replacements, you may feel like you have a grown a new set of teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, these are not going to slip and slide around in your mouth when you try to eat or speak.

And, you will be able to eat those crunchy and chewy foods again. With implant-supported dentures, you can generate more force with every bite.

Find The Right Fit

The best way to learn if All-on-6 or All-on-4 could help you is to visit Bayou Dental Group. Schedule a consultation with our dentist. He can examine your teeth and your jaw to determine if you are a good candidate for either of these procedures.

If not, we still may be able to help with other kinds of implant-supported dentures.

We welcome you to contact us with your question or to make an appointment. You can call us at 318-302-4236 or use our simple online form to reach us.

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