Veneers Could Create The Smile You Want

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Do you have a big event coming up like a wedding or a 20-year high school reunion?

Does your work involve a lot of face-to-face meetings with clients or customers?

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile?

Whether you said yes to one of those questions or all of them, dental veneers may be able to help you. It’s part of the cosmetic dentistry we offer to our patients in and around Monroe, LA.

By coming to Bayou Dental Group, you can have your veneers designed with the help of Dr. David Finley, a five-time winner of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s annual smile gallery competition.

By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Finley, you can discuss your goals for your smile. He can examine your teeth and jaw and help you determine if dental veneers or one of our other services is right for you.

To take the first step toward your new smile, call 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

For now, we’ve presented a few reasons below why you may want to consider veneers.

Veneers As A Whitening Solution

You may be one of the millions of Americans who starts each morning with a cup of coffee. You also may be one of the millions of Americans who enjoys sipping sweet tea on hot afternoons.

As satisfying as those are, they also are two of the many possible reasons your teeth are not as white as they once were or as white as you would like them to be.

Then again, you may have suffered a trauma to your mouth that caused a few of your teeth to look darker than the rest. Maybe you had an illness or took some medication that caused your teeth to change colors.

No matter the reason, dental veneers may be able to give you a white, bright smile again.

Unlike teeth whitening, which removes the stains from your teeth, veneers act as a kind of cover that hides your teeth. Veneers are made of materials such as porcelain or zirconium, which look like natural teeth when bonded in place.

These materials have the added advantage of being more stain resistant than real teeth, which means it will be easier to maintain your new white smile for longer. (You will still need to brush and clean your veneers just as you do with your real teeth.)

In a matter of a few weeks, you could have a custom-designed set of dental veneers that give you a pearly white smile you’ll be happy to share at the next wedding, reunion, or work function you attend.

Veneers As A Way To Restore Your Smile

Life happens to all of us, and in many ways, it’s the little moments that add up to bigger things. It could be something as small as eating popcorn while watching a movie or playing catch with your son in the backyard.

As great as those memories can be, they can take unexpected turns as well. 

Biting into a popcorn kernel or taking your eye off the baseball for a moment could be enough to cause you to chip a few teeth. For that matter, everyday habits like biting into ice or hard candy may be wearing down your teeth.

Fortunately, veneers can help with these issues, too. Dental veneers can be used to restore your teeth to their full size and shape. Your smile can look complete again with the right veneers from Bayou Dental Group.

Veneers As A Way To Create A Straight Smile

Your teeth may not be as straight as you would like. They may be a little crowded, or you may have a gap or gaps between some teeth that you wish wasn’t there. Orthodontics is one way to deal with those issues, but that can take several months or years to complete.

Or you might be able to fix those issues in a matter of weeks with dental veneers. In addition to giving you the appearance of teeth that are pearly white and unchipped, veneers can make your teeth look straight and evenly spaced.

Dr. Finley can work with you to design a complete set of veneers that can transform the appearance of your smile in a fraction of the time it would take with orthodontic care.

Find Out What’s Possible

Dr. Finley wants every patient who visits our dentist office in Monroe, LA, to be happy with his or her smile. For many, dental veneers can make that happen.

Call 318-302-4236 or contact us online if you would like to know more about what veneers may be able to do for you.

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