The Many Ways Dental Implants Can Restore More Than A Smile

One of the most difficult issues for our patients is losing teeth. This affects their smiles, and it affects how comfortable it is for them to eat. You don’t have to continue living this way. You can get back what you are missing with dental implants.

And where should you go to get your dental implants? You should come to Bayou Dental Group. Our dentist office is located in Monroe, LA, and we have been helping patients throughout the area for three decades.

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When Dental Implants Can Help

The short answer is that dental implants can help whenever you lose a tooth.
To spell it out, here are the situations when dental implants are appropriate:
▶︎ When you are missing a single tooth
▶︎ When you are missing a few tooth
▶︎ When you are missing several teeth
▶︎ When you are missing an entire row of teeth

Why Dental Implants Are So Valuable

Dental implants are the only real replacement that we have for missing roots.

Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures all replace the natural crowns of your missing teeth. This is important, but all of them are more effective when they are more secure.

Dental implants from Bayou Dental Group will give you that security. Dental implants will add greater stability to your crown replacements as well.

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are placed directly into your jawbone. The reason they are made with titanium is because of a process called osseointegration. As a result, your jawbone can bond directly to your implants much like it bonds to natural roots.

This holds your dental implants firmly in place, but implants are good for your jaw as well.

Your roots and jawbone interact. The pressure created by biting and chewing stimulates the jawbone. That encourages new tissue growth that keeps that jaw healthy. And a healthy jaw is stronger.

Dental implants can provide this same benefit, which is why they are so effective as replacements for the roots of missing teeth.

Dr. Finley would be happy to answer any questions you may have about dental implants. If you are missing one tooth or every tooth in your mouth, we want to help. Call 318-302-4236 to make an appointment today.

The Overlooked Benefits Of Dental Implants

Many times patients who are missing teeth come to Bayou Dental Group because they don’t like how their smiles look.

That’s understandable, but there are other issues we want you to consider as well.

First, dental implants can protect your remaining teeth.

When you have a gap in your smile, the neighboring teeth can drift into that space. That can affect your bite, and lead to further tooth loss.

Having an implant-supported replacement ( a crown for one tooth or a bridge for multiple teeth) will help to keep your remaining teeth in the correct positions.

Second, dental implants can restore your bite force if you have dentures.

As anyone with traditional dentures has learned, those dentures become looser over time. This makes it more and more difficult to eat, and some foods you can’t eat at all.

You can get more than just a nice smile if you get implant-supported dentures. Research has shown that people with implant-supported dentures can regain nearly all of their original bite force with time.

This can make a big difference in your quality of life. Dining out is a different experience when you know that you can order whatever you want from the menu.

Dr. Finley can help you maintain your quality of life. Schedule an appointment today if you think dental implants could improve your experience with dentures.

Why You Should Get Your Dental Implants From Us

We mentioned earlier that our dentist office has been serving Monroe, LA, and the surrounding area for 30 years.

By coming to our office, you will be treated by one of the elite dentists not just in Louisiana but in the United States. Dr. Finley is one of the 6 percent of dentists who has attained a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry.

In his decades as a practicing dentist, he has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education to stay up-to-date on the latest procedures and technologies.

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You owe it to yourself to get find out what dental implants can do for your smile.

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