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Greetings Monroe! Welcome back to the ongoing to dental health blog of Bayou Family Dental. Today, we want to talk about a revolution in dentistry. That revolutions is dental implants.

Dental implants have actually been around for decades; but the technology has improved and their popularity has increased in recent years as a result. Despite how long dental implants have been around, many dentists are still not able to perform this life-changing procedure.

At Bayou Family Dental, we are proud to offer dental implants. In fact, our practice offers a variety of different types of dental implants. We offer these services because we never want our patients to have to settle for second best. They deserve a solution for their needs; we strive to offer these solutions in our comfortable Monroe, LA office.

In today’s blog post, we want to give you some of the basics about dental implants. Patients commonly ask what they are, and why they might need one. In short if you are missing a tooth, several teeth, or even all of your teeth; you may be a candidate of a dental implant.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root; constructed from a titanium post, dental implants are surgical implants that held to restore your teeth. After the posts are inserted into your gums, we can place a crown or other artificial tooth onto the implant. Our artificial teeth are incredibly lifelike and function just like real teeth.

We can use a dental implant to replace one tooth. Traditionally, you might you a dental bridge to replace a single missing tooth. However, dental implants are stronger and function more like your natural teeth. In addition, a dental implant means less wear and tear on your other natural teeth.

We can also use a dental implant to replace multiple missing teeth. If the teeth are in different locations, we simply install more than one artificial tooth root. If the missing teeth are aligned in a row, we can use one article root to support several missing teeth.

Even if you are missing all of your teeth, we can use dental implants to restore your smile. We install four to six artificial teeth roots; then we attach artificial teeth to those roots. Unlike dentures, dental implants will not slip and slip. Best of all, no one will know that you’ve had your teeth replaced.

Dental implants provide a whole host of benefits. First and foremost, they look like your natural teeth. That helps give you the confidence you need to smile again. In addition, the function just like natural teeth. That means you’ll be able to eat and chew normally, and without fear of dentures falling out or your teeth being in pain. Medically, dental implants also reduce the wear on your other remaining teeth and help prevent bone loss.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of dental implants? Then give us a call at the Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA. We’re happy to help you restore your smile.

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