Save Your Time, Teeth With CEREC Crowns

You need a root canal.

Your friend chipped his tooth.

Your sister has a tooth with a severe cavity.

And you are all getting the same thing to fix your problems — a CEREC dental crown at Bayou Dental Group.

Dental crowns are one of the many restorative services we office at our dentist office in Monroe, LA.

Today, we want to discuss the benefits of CEREC porcelain crowns, as well as the many ways we put this dental technology to use.

CEREC vs. Other Crowns

To understand why we provide CEREC crowns for our patients rather than other dental crowns, we need to start by explaining how crowns are similar.

Any dental crown should do two things. First, it should replace a damaged or decayed tooth. Second, it should restore the full function of a real tooth.

If your smile doesn’t look natural, then the crown stands out like a sore thumb. If you can’t bite and chew your food, then the crown is basically just a like a painting of a tool. It looks like what you need, but it won’t do the job.

The process for getting a dental crown is similar regardless of the type of crown you receive. If possible, the dentist will make an impression or digital impression of the tooth to be replaced. The dental crown will be designed to fit comfortably in your mouth.

The dentist will then reshape your problematic tooth into an abutment. This is where your dental crown will connect to your tooth — and this is important — when it is ready.

At other offices, the dentist will place an order for your crown with an outside laboratory. The dentist will place a temporary crown before you leave.

Hopefully, the temporary crown won’t break or fall off in the weeks you may be waiting for your real crown to come in. When your dentist does receive your crown, you will need to make a second appointment to have it placed.

At Bayou Dental Group, you can save yourself a lot of time and worry. We will use our in-office milling machine to create your CEREC crown on the same day you come to our office.

You will not need any to wear a temporary crown. You will not need to make a second appointment. The day you come to our office, you will leave with your permanent crown.

Why You May Need A Crown

We have already hinted at some of the many uses for a dental crown. Now, let’s get into more detail.

We’ve already explained that CEREC crowns will restore the appearance and the function of your tooth. What we didn’t say is that dental crowns help to preserve the remaining healthy parts of your tooth.

Here are some examples of how:

  • Decayed tooth — Tooth decay forms as a result of the bacteria in your mouth. This bacteria can form acids that eat into the enamel of your tooth. As the acid eats away more of your tooth, it damages the structure and can weaken your tooth.

By removing the decayed portions, we will be saving the healthy parts of your tooth. Your dental crown will replace the unhealthy sections.

  • Damaged tooth — If you have a tooth that is chipped or broken, it will look different, and it may not function as well as it once did. Also, a chipped or broken tooth may be more vulnerable to tooth decay.

In that sense, replacing this tooth with a dental crown is both restorative and preventive.

  • Infected tooth — If you have a tooth that needs a root canal, that means you have an infection that has reached the pulp inside your tooth. To repair it, the dentist must create an opening in your natural crown to remove the infected pulp along with the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth.

When the procedure is finished, the tooth will be filled and capped with a dental crown. The crown will seal the tooth, providing protection from a new infection.

Why You Should See Us About Your Crown

You can go a number of places if you need a dental crown, so why should you visit our dentist office in Monroe, LA?

It’s because we value you and your time. Thanks to our CEREC milling machine, you could get your dental crown in a matter of hours rather than a matter of weeks.

To get your crown faster, contact Bayou Dental Group at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online appointment form.

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