Preventive Dentistry: 2 Things You Should Know [BLOG]

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As wonderful as life can be, it certainly comes with its share of challenges. We all face problems from time to time. Sometimes, those problems are unavoidable. But you deal with them the best way you know how, learn from them, and then you move on.

Other times, however, you’re faced with problems that could have been avoided. Your car runs out of gas on your way to work, for example. You knew the tank was low the night before, but you told yourself you’d have enough time to fill up in the morning.

Your alarm goes off, but you hit the snooze button one too many times, and now you’re running late. Still, you convince yourself that you have enough gas to make it to work and and that you can just fill up before you head home.

But now here you are, stranded on the side of the road, beating yourself up for not giving yourself a few extra minutes this morning to stop at a gas station. While something like this isn’t the end of the world, it’s definitely something you could’ve prevented.

Instead, you not only have to solve the problem, but you have to deal with the regret that comes with it. Sound familiar?

Today, our team at Bayou Dental Group wants to encourage you to consider the preventive services we provide in our Monroe, LA dental office. Taking a proactive approach to your family’s oral health is an important way to avoid the pitfalls of regret. You can’t avoid every obstacle life has in store, but you can take steps to try and prevent some of them.

Here are some things you should know about avoiding dental problems for everyone in your family!

  1. Prevention Starts With YOU!

Preventing dental problems starts with you. One of the easiest ways you can instill good oral hygiene habits with your kids is to model those habits at home. When you make dental health a priority in your household, it’s more likely your children will follow suit.

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day and flossing once a day. Make sure your kids see you do this, too. Remember, you have a small window when your kids are little when everything you say and do is still cool. It’s best to capitalize on that by walking the walk!

Let your kids take ownership of their oral health by making them an active part of the process. They can pick out their own toothbrush, for example. You can also create a reward system that encourages and motivates them to keep up daily brushing and flossing.

Along with that, you can promote healthy eating habits at home. Limit your family’s sugar intake by avoiding sweets, and instead, make sure they drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables.

For you and your family, preventing dental problems, like tooth decay and cavities, begins with proper cleaning and maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Prevention Is A Team Effort!

Good oral health may start with you, but you’re definitely not alone. Our staff at Bayou Dental Group is here to help!

Schedule routine dental cleanings and exams for your family at least twice a year. Include young children in this effort. A lifelong commitment to oral health begins with positive dental experiences early in life. That’s why Dr. Finley and our warm, caring team do all we can to provide a safe, friendly environment for kids of all ages in our Monroe dental office.

We also want to help you prevent potential roadblocks to good oral health by offering fluoride treatments and dental sealants to keep teeth strong, healthy, and protected against problems like tooth decay and cavities.

A Lifetime Of Healthy Smiles Begins Here!

Let us help you protect all the smiles in your family. By trusting your family’s oral health to Dr. Finley and our team, you can save yourself from the regret that often comes with challenges that could’ve been prevented. We’re here to help you do that, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

A lifetime of healthy smiles begins with our team at Bayou Dental Group! Give us a call today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to schedule your family’s next dental checkup.

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