Prepare for Holiday Photos with Zoom! Whitening

Hello Monroe! Are you enjoying the last few days before the holidays arrive in full-force? We’re beginning to hear Christmas music on the radio and at the supermarket. At Bayou Family Dental in Monroe, LA, we love the holidays.

Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are a timing for smiling and laughter. There’s memories to be shared with all your loved ones, friends, and family. But is your smile up for the task? In our last few posts, we’ve discussed how the treatments available at our comfortable and modern office can benefit your Thanksgiving holidays.

If your smile is a few teeth short of being full, we can replace those teeth with dental implants. If a toothache is keeping you from eating turkey and other holiday favorites, we provide relief with restorative dental work such as tooth-colored fillings and CEREC Same-Day Crowns. If dental fear is keeping you from receiving dental treatment, you’ll find our office to be a stress-free zone this holiday season thanks to sedation dentistry.

But sometimes patients come to us with healthy teeth, but they’re not happy with the appearance of their teeth. In cases such as these, they often cite yellow or discolored teeth as the reasons for their frustration. This frustration can hinder their self-confidence and make them hesitant to smile. At Bayou Family Dental in Monroe, LA, we can help with professional teeth whitening.

Now is one of the best times of year to come into our office for professional teeth whitening. Think of all the activities you have planned for your Thanksgiving holidays. What will you be getting into? A big meal probably goes without saying; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all the other delights. But you’ll likely be spending some quality time with your friends and family.

That quality time might exist as something as simple as sitting around the table and telling stories. Or maybe you’ll enjoy some football action; either a pick-up game in the yard, or watching it on television. You might even start decorating for Christmas, and put up the tree and ornaments. No matter what you do, you’re likely to have a few photos taken of you along the way. Cameras are all over the place these days; most people have one in their pocket right now thanks to smartphones.

Are you ready for all these photos? Will you show-off your teeth? If you answered no to either of these questions, then you may be a candidate for professional teeth whitening. Even healthy teeth can become discolored over time due to age, genetics, and lifestyle factors. If you’re frustrated because you brush everyday, but still have stains on your teeth, you’re not alone.

Teeth stains can be caused by any number of seemingly harmless foods and drinks. A handful of fresh raspberries can leave a nasty stain on your teeth. Imagine holding those raspberries and squeezing them in your hands; even after you wash your hands, your skin by be a bit discolored due to the natural dyes in the fruit. The same is true for chewing; many other things such as coffee, red wine, and soda can also serve to stain your teeth.

But we can erase years worth of stains on your teeth at Bayou Family Dental in Monroe, LA.. We offer the Zoom! system of professional teeth whitening at our office. In just one quick appointment, you can leave our office with a beautiful new smile.

The process works like this: we begin by covering your lips and gums, this prevents the irritation and discomfort that are sometimes caused by do-it-yourself whitening products. Then we apply the Zoom! whitening gel to your teeth; this prescription strength gel is much stronger than anything you can find in stores. We then expose your teeth to a whitening lamp for three, 15 minute intervals. The process is completely pain-less and takes less than an hour. During your treatment, you’re free to listen to music or watch television.

Zoom! Whitening works wonders. We can have you ready to smile for all of your holiday photos. You will love showing off your dazzling new smile for the flashing bulbs of the camera.

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Ready to have your smile whitened for the holiday season? Then contact Bayou Family Dental in Monroe, LA, for a Zoom! whitening treatment. You can reach our office at 318-302-4236.

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