Pain-Free Root Canals Are Now Available in Monroe, LA

It’s been a long day at work, so you grab an ice cold beer to relax. The beer tastes great but you notice that the cold temperature of the beverage seems to be irritating one of your teeth. Or maybe it’s bowl of piping hot chili that seems to set off the pain in your tooth. Either way, you know you’re about to experience another painful toothache.

Why does this happen? It could be happening due to damage inside of your tooth. The best solution to this problem may be a Root Canal.

Does that sentence scare you? It shouldn’t, but you’re far from alone if it does. It probably seems less scary if you consider another term for Root Canals, namely Endodontic therapy. Endodontics is the medical term, derived from Ancient Greek, for dental work done inside the structure of your teeth.

In today’s blog from the Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA, we’re going to discuss some of the myths and misconceptions many patients have about Root Canals.

Root Canals are Important for Your Oral Health

We know that Root Canals aren’t the most glamorous of dental procedures but they can be vital to your oral health, so you shouldn’t put them off because of fear or uncertainty.

Many patients are unclear about the necessity of a Root Canal. We only perform Root Canals because we want to save your tooth. If damage or decay necessitates a Root Canal, you are at great risk for losing the tooth if you do nothing. In addition, the damage and decay in an affected tooth can spread to your gums or other teeth if left untreated.

Sometimes, there are numerous signs to indicate damage or decay to the inside of your tooth. These can manifest as something as simple as a pimple on your gums or bad breath. Or they may be more painful, such a swelling in your gums, or general soreness. The biggest indicator is frequent toothaches, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures when you eat or drink.

These problems could have been caused by a severe, untreated cavity. Or they can develop from a blow to the face, such as from a Mardi Gras fist fight or from a car accident where the airbag deploys.

However, sometimes you may not display visible or noticeable symptoms of the damage or decay in a tooth. For this reason (as well as a host of other reasons), the American Dental Association recommends that you visit a dentist at least twice a year for a dental exam and for dental x-rays. If we catch the problem early, we may able to fix it before you experience any pain or discomfort at all.

Root Canals are a Simple and Routine Procedure

During a Root Canal, our top-notch team will enter your tooth. We will clean out any decay or disease in your dental pulp, and remove any irritated nerves from the tooth. Your teeth are filled with this dental pulp and nerves, as they help grow your tooth into its proper position. However, once your tooth is fully grown, dental pulp and dental nerves are no longer necessary for the health of your tooth. For this reason, it safe to remove them.

The inside of your tooth is then cleaned and sealed to prevent the spread of bacteria to your other teeth. We then fill the tooth with a special compound to ensure its structural integrity. Depending on the situation, and which tooth you are having the Root Canal performed on, we may recommend that you have a crown placed on the tooth after a Root Canal. In such cases, we are able to do in the same appointment.

Root Canals are safer for your oral health, and for your wallet, then just having the tooth extracted. Once you’re missing a tooth, you will either have to a dental implant placed to replace the tooth, or live without the tooth. Replacing the tooth can be expensive and time-consuming, while living without it can damage your other teeth and cause more oral problems in the long-run.

Root Canals Don’t Have to Hurt

For most of our patients, this is their biggest concern before undergoing a Root Canal. Afterwards, they always tell us that it was really no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. We perform Root Canals under local anesthesia, ensuring your mouth is numb and the procedure is pain-free. We also offer Oral Sedation to our patients, if you’d prefer to largely be unaware of the procedure and feel relaxed.

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