Cosmetic Dental Work Made Easy

Are you considering cosmetic dental work in Monroe, LA? Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your smile end enjoy the benefits of increased self-confidence. But as well all cosmetic procedures, you don’t want the work to be performed by just anyone. Cosmetic dentistry is an art. The best smile transformations require artistic skills as well as tremendous ...

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Non-Removable Replacement Teeth in Monroe, LA

Missing teeth are bad for you in many aspects. They can make it difficult to chew, increasing the pressure and stress on your remaining teeth. This can wear down your remaining teeth, endangering their health and leaving you at risk for more missing teeth. One missing tooth often leads to many missing teeth if nothing is done to correct the problem. But that’s not the only problem from ...

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Restore Your Smile with Style

Restoring things can be a lot of fun. Maybe you found an old antique cabinet at a flea market that needs some work. So you gently apply varnish and sand away the rough edges. Before you know it, you can have a beautiful piece of furniture that nicely accents your living rooms. For others, cars are a great thing to restore. You search far and wide to find just the right parts. You carefully ...

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The Dentist You Don’t Need to Fear

This Halloween season, we were wondering a simple question. What are you afraid of? For many Americans the answers are pretty colorful ranging from things like to spiders to the always frightening clowns. During this time of year, it can be a little fun to be scared. After all, that’s why we visit those haunted attractions at amusement parks or watch scary movies. But if there’s one thing ...

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Restore Your Chewing Ability in Monroe, LA

Fried chicken, a well cooked steak, a good and crusty baguette. Delicious foods are one of the things that make life enjoyable; think of your favorite holidays memories and you can probably associate a food of some sort with most of your memories. As a society we value our ability to eat. That’s why it can be difficult to be happy when you’re having a hard or painful time chewing or ...

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Improve Your Self-Esteem with a New Smile | Monroe, LA

Numerous academic studies have shown a direct link between a person’s self-esteem and their confidence, success, and happiness in life. For better or worse, a person’s appearance is also directly linked to their self-esteem; the better a person feels they look, the higher their self-esteem is. Now consider your smile; your smile and teeth are among the first things a person notices when ...

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A Root Canal You Don’t Have to Fear

You’ve just finished your day, now you’re ready to kick back and watch some football. You grab a cold soda and drink. Soon you’re grimacing because the soda has caused irritation to one of your teeth. Or maybe it’s hot soup that causes the issue. If you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, your body may be giving you a sign that something is wrong. ...

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Ensuring Your Family’s Dental Health | Monroe, LA

Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog of the Bayou Dental Group from our office in Monroe, LA. At our state-of-the-art practice, we always try to stress the importance of family dental care. Today we’d like to share a few tips and tricks you can use with your family to ensure everyone in your family has a healthy mouth. If you have children, you’ve probably already realized that ...

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A Custom Smile, Created Just for You | Monroe, LA

Do you want to feel more involved in your dental decisions? What if you could have a smile that was custom crafted to meet all of your needs and desires? Does that sound appealing? At Bayou Dental Group, we work with you to create the smile that will makes you happy. This great process in called our Smile Creation system. In today’s blog entry from our comfortable Monroe, LA office, we want ...

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The Latest Technology in Dental Implants | Monroe, LA

Greetings Monroe! Welcome back to the ongoing to dental health blog of Bayou Family Dental. Today, we want to talk about a revolution in dentistry. That revolutions is dental implants. Dental implants have actually been around for decades; but the technology has improved and their popularity has increased in recent years as a result. Despite how long dental implants have been around, many ...

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Make Simple Changes With Cosmetic Dentistry [PHOTO]

Break out the scarves and pumpkin spice lattes because fall is here! That means it’s time to get your smile ready for the upcoming social season of the year with cosmetic dentistry in Monroe, LA! If you’ve thought about ...

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Fall Is A Good Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal [BLOG]

If you’re the parent of a teenager, you may have thought about having their wisdom teeth removed at some point. It’s a rather common procedure for kids in their mid-to-late teens, and it’s often performed to prevent ...

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