Six Sinister Things That Stain Your Teeth | Monroe, LA

Is soda public enemy number one for your teeth? Spoiler alert, it’s not. You may be surprised by public enemy number one for your teeth. All superheroes have an arch-enemy. Superman battles Lex Luthor, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Batman tries to keep the Joker from burning down Gotham City. Spiderman faces a number of villains, often referred to as the Sinister Six. ...

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Pain-Free Root Canals Are Now Available in Monroe, LA

It’s been a long day at work, so you grab an ice cold beer to relax. The beer tastes great but you notice that the cold temperature of the beverage seems to be irritating one of your teeth. Or maybe it’s bowl of piping hot chili that seems to set off the pain in your tooth. Either way, you know you’re about to experience another painful toothache. Why does this happen? It could be ...

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Put Down the Bottle to Protect Your Teeth

Welcome back, Monroe! As you remember from the last blog from the office of Bayou Dental Group, here in Monroe, LA, fluoride is an essential component of your oral health routine. It is right up there with brushing your teeth. In fact, the two often go hand in hand, since most toothpastes contain fluoride. Fluoride strengthens and repairs your enamel, while simultaneously fighting the causes ...

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What Fluoride Does to Protect Your Teeth

Hey there, Monroe! It’s great to see you back seeking more information on how to keep your smile healthy and looking great. We here at Bayou Dental Group certainly realize the power of a confident smile, and we hope you do, too. You must, or else you wouldn’t be reading our helpful blogs focusing on oral health and preventive care. It is almost impossible to talk about dentistry or oral ...

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Choosing the Right Toothbrush is Simple, but Important

Good day, Monroe! The office of Bayou Dental Group is here again with another helpful blog for the great people of Louisiana. In the past couple of blogs we have focused on dealing with oral health problems like tooth decay and missing teeth. But it doesn’t take much thought to realize that preventing these problems from ever happening is the best way to treat them. No matter how great modern ...

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Happy Fourth of July from Bayou Dental Group!

Welcome to another summer in Louisiana! Here at Bayou Dental Group, we couldn’t be any more excited about the Fourth of July, and we hope the same is true for you. This important celebration of freedom is the highlight of many Americans’ summer, but if you are experiencing pain and discomfort from poor oral health, you will have a hard time enjoying the wonderful food and fellowship that ...

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Dental Implants: the Stable Tooth Replacement Solution

Hello, Monroe. And welcome once again to the ongoing dental blog from the office of Bayou Dental Group. In order for you to make informed decisions about matters of oral health, you have to have reliable information. That is why here at Bayou Dental Group we use this blog to reach out to the people of Monroe, LA and give them the information they need to do what is right for their own oral ...

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A High Fiber Diet Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

Welcome once again to the blog of Bayou Dental Group, where we take a moment to shed some light on the oral health issues important to the wonderful people of Monroe, LA. If there is one thing you need to lead a healthy lifestyle full of energy and zest, it’s a strong set of teeth. Having healthy teeth allows you to eat the nutritious foods necessary to feel great and stay well. But chewing ...

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Zoom! Teeth Whitening for Father’s Day

It’s almost time for another summer in Monroe, LA. Here at Bayou Dental Group we are excited to see families out having fun together and enjoying their health in the sunshine. The only thing better than a bright and healthy smile is a whole family full of bright and healthy smiles. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy doing this blog. It let’s us help you take care of your family’s smiles, ...

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Your Kids Will Love Brushing If You Make It Fun

Good day, Monroe! We hope you are enjoying these final days of spring as you take some time to read the blog of Bayou Dental Group. We are dedicated to providing quality dental care to the fine families of Monroe, LA, and this blog is just another way that we do that. Information and ideas about modern family dentistry is what this forum is all about. Helping you keep up with the best ways to ...

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Enjoy Summer Parties With Dental Implants! [INFOGRAPHIC]

We devote a lot of time in our Monroe dental blog on the many advantages of dental implants, so you probably already understand how they can improve your health and quality of life in a general sense. But today, we’re taking ...

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Find A Family Dentist Where You Are Comfortable

Your favorite smiles belong to the people you love the most — your family. You also know your loved ones are more likely to smile if they have healthy and happy mouths, which is why finding a caring, compassionate, and ...

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