4 Little-Known Secrets About Laser Gum Therapy [BLOG]

Before Gum Disease Awareness Month draws to a close, our team at Bayou Dental Group needs you to know that there is hope in restoring your oral health after it's been impacted by this infection with more precision and comfort than conventional surgical methods. And Dr. Finley has the tools, training, and experience to perform it in our Monroe, LA dental practice! 4 Little-Known Secrets About ...

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4 Habits That Build Your Child’s Healthy Smile [BLOG]

For Children’s Dental Health Month, our team at Bayou Dental Group wants to optimize your chances for having healthy, happy smiles in your family! That’s why we’re giving you some tips about how to set your child up for lifelong dental success from the very beginning! 4 Habits That Build Your Child’s Healthy Smile Here are four habits you can begin now with your family that will help ...

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Your Child’s Best Dental Health Starts Here! [PHOTO]

For Children’s Dental Health Month, our team at Bayou Dental Group is making sure you know how to safeguard your little one’s smile! Here’s a before and after look from our Monroe, LA smile gallery that shows how we can keep your child’s smile on the right track when accidents and mishaps hurt their teeth. Your child’s best dental health starts here with our experienced, ...

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What Are Your Gums Trying To Tell You? [QUIZ]

Your dentist can tell a lot about you by looking inside your mouth. But so can you! Keeping a watchful eye on changes to your teeth and gums is part of a proactive approach to good oral health. In the spirit of Gum Disease Awareness Month, our team at Bayou Dental Group wants you to answer some questions to see what your gums might be trying to tell you! To protect your healthy smile ...

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Why Kids Love Our Monroe, LA Family Dentist! [VIDEO]

When it comes to finding the right family dentist, some of the toughest critics can be kids. Our team at Bayou Dental Group understands why!  Children can be especially nervous during dental appointments, which is why we go out of our way to make them feel comfortable. Hear from one of them in today’s video! Maci explains why she loves visiting Dr. Finley and our team in Monroe, ...

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When Your Heart Is Torn Between Tooth Bonding & Veneers… [BLOG]

Most of us can probably relate to feeling torn between two loves. When you think back to your school days, you might recall having to choose between two or more Valentine’s fighting for your affection. But with any luck, by now you’ve found the great love of your life and have all sorts of other decisions that require your attention, like which cosmetic dental treatment will steal your ...

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It’s Not Too Late To Make Healthy Dental Resolutions! [BLOG]

You made it to the end of the month with only a few setbacks in your New Year’s resolutions for better dental health. Our team at Bayou Dental Group wants to give you some encouragement! It’s never too late to make a healthy mouth a priority, and today, you'll discover some ideas about how to get back on track with help from our team in Monroe, LA! *Begin & End Each Day With Clean ...

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The Unfair Reputation Of Root Canals [BLOG]

Has tooth sensitivity made your hot cup of coffee in the morning less than satisfying? Do you have to keep your bottles of water at room temperature just to avoid that cold, painful blast on your tooth? Are your meals drawn out and painful because you have to chew everything on only one side of your mouth? All of these are common signs of a decayed, diseased, or infected tooth, and it ...

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Put Problems With Your Dentures Behind You! [BLOG]

If you’ve had it with traditional dentures and want to find a more permanent, stable form of tooth replacement, visit Bayou Dental Group in Monroe, LA for advanced dental implant solutions! You can put denture problems behind you and resume the quality of life you’ve been missing!   Common Problems With Standard Dentures Here are some of the most common problems denture patients ...

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Should I Visit My Dentist For Restorative Treatment? [QUIZ]

Dental pain is usually a pretty good indicator that you need some sort of restorative treatment, but not all problems inside your mouth are so obvious. Take today’s Bayou Dental Group quiz to see if it’s time to visit your Monroe, LA dentist. Our durable, natural-looking dental restorations will blend in seamlessly with your smile and give you back full, comfortable oral ...

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Do You Need An Athletic Mouthguard? [QUIZ]

You could go to a nearby sporting goods store for a boil-and-bite mouthguard to get you through the spring sports season. But your smile deserves the best, and the best can’t be found on a store shelf. It’s found at ...

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Making Your Whiter Smile Last [BLOG]

Decisions, decisions… It’s always great to have options, but sometimes, too many options can make it a lot tougher to come to final decision. Nowhere is this more true than when you’re browsing the dental aisle at the ...

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