Nice Holiday Treats For Healthy Teeth[BLOG]

It’s almost time to sit down to enjoy your family’s Christmas dinner!

Since our team at Bayou Dental Group is committed to helping you maintain good oral health all year long, we’re giving you some ideas for which holiday treats are naughty and which are nice for your teeth!

Naughty Holiday Treats To Avoid

It’s okay to indulge your sweet tooth during this festive time of year. In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest reasons people use the new year as a fresh start for their weight and their health.

But if you want to truly protect your teeth and gums, we suggest you stay away from certain holiday treats that are a bit too naughty for your smile.

*Holiday Foods & Drinks To Avoid

When it comes to preventing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease, sugar is the number one culprit to stay away from. Too much sugar is bacteria’s favorite holiday treat. Any sugar left behind in your mouth after a cookie or piece of cake is just more opportunity for bacteria to enjoy a feast of their own.

That starts a chain reaction of harmful acids that attack your teeth and gums. So here are some sugary foods and drinks to avoid:






-Candy Canes

Although this list is full of standard holiday favorites, the excess sugar puts your smile at risk for all sorts of problems. They all pose a threat to your oral health, either because of their stickiness or their hard texture that can get stuck between your teeth, or worse, injure a tooth as you chew them.

Holiday Foods For Healthy Teeth

Don’t worry about the foods and drinks you can’t have, but instead, focus on all the delicious holiday treats that will keep your smile healthy and beautiful!

*Munch On These Snacks While You Mingle

Although there’s nothing wrong with going off your diet this time of year, you can make it a little easier to get your weight and your oral health back on track after the holidays.

First, you can munch on healthy snacks and appetizers while you mingle. This will help you fill up before dinner so you don’t go overboard on calories. It’s also a good way to give your teeth and gums some extra vitamins and nutrients.

You can enjoy an assortment of mixed nuts. Packed with protein, nuts will keep your tooth enamel strong. Also, crunching on nuts will encourage your body’s saliva, which coats your teeth with a layer of protection against erosion.

Next to the bowl of nuts, you might fight veggie and cheese trays. Freshly-cut raw vegetables, like nuts, will promote saliva production to protect your enamel. Celery also breaks down as you chew it into stringy pieces that can help keep your teeth clean.

Hard cheeses have a similar cleaning effect while you eat them. Cheese is also a great source of bone-building calcium your jaw and teeth need to stay strong and healthy.

*Put These Foods On Your Christmas Dinner Plate

As you sit down to Christmas dinner, you’ll likely find a couple of holiday staples on the buffet table that are good for your teeth.

If you see a platter of deviled eggs, feel free to grab one or two of these delicious goodies! Loaded with vitamin D, egg yolks will help your body absorb the calcium you get from the cheeses you snacked on before dinner. Vitamin D is a great source of strength for your teeth.

Another holiday favorite is succulent turkey. This is a great source of lean protein, so fill up your plate and enjoy this guilt-free food. Protein strengthens your tooth enamel for better protection against harmful acids.

Welcome 2018 With An Appointment!

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Our skilled team will make sure you made it through the sugary wonderland of the holidays with your healthy smile intact. Dr. Finley can also help guide you through our cosmetic dentistry services so you can take your smile to the next level!

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