Manage Your Anxiety With Conscious Sedation

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Do you suffer from dental anxiety?

Do your children have dental anxiety?

Do you wish there was a dentist office you could visit in or near Monroe, LA, that could ease those fears?

If the answer to any or all of those questions is yes, then we know where you can go for basic oral care. You can visit Bayou Dental Group.

No matter if you or someone you know gets a little nervous about going to the dentist or suffers from severe dental anxiety, we have ways to help you, such as oral conscious sedation.

The end result is that you or your loved one will receive the dental care you need to keep your mouth as healthy as it can be.

How You Will Be Treated

When you come to Bayou Dental Group, we want you to feel like you are visiting a relative. (Not one of the ones you don’t get along with, but one of the ones you really like to see.)

We know how we want to be treated when we receive our dental care, and that’s how we try to treat the patients who come to our office. It doesn’t matter if you are a new patient or someone who has been seeing us for years for routine preventive care.

Each member of our staff enjoys working with people. That shows itself in the welcoming feeling you will receive when you walk in our door.

If you have any worries, please let us know at the time you make your appointment or when you come to our office. We want to do whatever we can to help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Learning To Manage Dental Anxiety

Experts agree that dental anxiety is a common problem across the United States.

Among people with dental fear, 58 percent avoid the dentist completely and 20 percent only visit the dentist in the event of a dental emergency.

The truth is that avoiding the dentist only makes it more likely that you will have one of those dental emergencies. Visiting our office for routine care reduces the odds that you will experience a dental emergency in the future due to poor oral hygiene.

There’s a good chance you already know those things, but that is not enough to help you or your loved one overcome your dental anxiety.

Here’s something that you should know: We don’t expect you to overcome your dental anxiety in a single visit to our office.

We believe we can help you take one step at a time toward learning to manage that anxiety. With time, we believe your anxiety will decrease to the point that you can cope with it even if it never goes away completely.

You may even start enjoying coming to see us with time.

Sedation Dentistry

We see patients every day who struggle with dental anxiety. One of the ways we can help you is through sedation dentistry. In our office, this means oral conscious sedation.

When you undergo oral conscious sedation, you take a pill before your treatment begins. The pill will reduce your anxiety, and it may make you feel drowsy. Some patients even fall asleep.

We start your treatment after the pill has taken effect. Many patients don’t remember anything about their procedure, and if you do remember anything, it may seem more like a dream than reality.

Here are few reasons you or someone you love may want to consider oral conscious sedation:

  • You are afraid of pain
  • You are afraid of gagging or choking
  • You feel tense or anxious just thinking about visiting the dentists office
  • You have trouble sitting still when you are in a dentist’s chair
  • You are bothered by the sounds of dental tools being used

With sedation dentistry, you won’t feel any pain. You won’t gag, and you won’t be bothered by the normal sounds that come with dental care.

You will remain still, which is good for you and for the dentist or hygienist providing your care.

And you will not experience anxiety or a “fight or flight” sensation during your treatment.

One thing you will need is someone else to give you a ride home. The effects of sedation can last for a few hours, so we recommend that you plan to rest after your treatment is over.

Take The First Step

Today is the day to contact Bayou Dental Group if you or someone you love has been away from the dentist for longer than you or they should have.

With the welcoming, friendly staff at our dentist office in Monroe, LA, we strive to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s as important to us as the specifics of your dental care.

If you would like to know more about sedation dentistry, call us at 318-302-4236 or contact us with our online form. We look forward to helping you.

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