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We know how stressful it can be to look for a new dentist for your family. There is a lot of pressure to find just the right Doc. You want it to be a perfect fit, but that can sometimes be difficult. Just because you get along great doesn’t necessarily mean that this Doc is a great dentist. How should you go about finding a great dentist here in Monroe, LA?

We have some ideas to help you make the decision. You see, we know what it takes to be a great family dental office, and we know how difficult it can be to pick those things out when you are at an office for an appointment, which is why we’ve created this evaluation. We want you to have a list of things to look for when you enter an office.

Once you’ve taken a look at these options and realized how much there is to consider, we hope that you’ll give us a chance to stand up to this test. We know we will pass with flying colors!

Things Patients Are Looking For

Below is a list of things patients are looking for in a dental office. Not all patients realize that they are looking for these items, but these details are what make a great dental office great!

A Dentist for the Entire Family
You want a dentist who can treat and value your entire family. No one wants to keep track of three dental offices, billing, insurance restrictions, etc. You want to be able to walk into the office with your kids and know that each of you will have a fantastic experience and will walk out with clean, healthy teeth!

A Dentist Who Values the Patient
Sometimes a dental office will forget who they are there to serve. A great dental office never will. You want to find a dental office that values you as the patient. They will do this is many ways, but making your appointment more efficient and comfortable are at the top of the list.

Use of Technology – The way a dentist prioritizes technology in the office will be a big clue for you! If you see that the office staff have access to quality computers, and the dentist is offering things like digital X-rays, laser dentistry, and intraoral cameras, you will know that technology is making your appointment more efficient.

Availability of Sedation – Another way you’ll know that you are the priority is the use of sedation. A great dental office realizes that some patients need sedation in order to come in, so the office will make sure that every patient has access to that quality care and relaxation!

A Dentist Who Values the Office
You want a dentist who values you, but you also want a dentist who values the office itself. Patients don’t want to come into an office that isn’t a nice place to be! That’s why you should keep your eyes and ears peeled for the following:

Filled with Great Staff – A great dental office should be filled with great staff! After all, no quality dentist wants to work with less-than-par staff members! You can expect to see friendly, smiling faces who are willing to help you and answer your questions!

Kept Clean and Comfortable – A dentist who cares about the office will keep it clean and attractive for you! Don’t settle for a dental office that is dirty, disorganized, or all-around uncomfortable!

A Dentist You Can Trust
The most important thing you are looking for is a dentist you can trust! You want someone who you can see for any dental problem. You want to know that you are in good hands when you walk into the office. Below are a few signs that you’ve found the right dentist!

Listens – A trustworthy dentist listens to your concerns and questions. This dentist isn’t nodding while looking at a laptop or dismissing your fears. Instead, you will have his/her full attention!

Takes Care of Problems – A dentist you can trust will actually take care of your dental problems. Your teeth should be getting healthier after each visit, and any work done should actually improve the quality of your life! These things seem simple, but you’d be surprised by how many patients are not getting this care!

Find that Dentist at Bayou Dental Group Today!

Are you ready to find the dentist for your entire family? Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment. We are ready for you to put us to the test because these items that we have discussed today are the backbone of our dental practice! We work hard to achieve these goals each and every day, and we are sure you’ll see the same when you come to see us!

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