It’s Time To Dress Up Your Smile With Veneers

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We are fast approaching a time of year when people get dressed up for one night of fun with family and friends. However, you could give your smile a more permanent change with veneers.

Specifically, you could get a set of porcelain veneers at Bayou Dental Group. As our own Dr. David Finley said, “We can create a smile for somebody that they never thought they’d have.”

Many dental treatments are good for doing one thing really well, but veneers are one of the services that provide both restorative and cosmetic benefits for our patients. To find out how veneers could help you, schedule a consultation with our dentist is if you live in or near Monroe, LA.

Planning Is Important

We know that many offices offer cosmetic dentistry, but not many can match the process used by Dr. Finley.

He has developed what he calls smile creation because he wants you to be involved in planning what your new smile will look like. This starts when you talk to Dr. Finley about the specific changes that you want to see when you look at your teeth in the mirror.

When we know what you want to be different about your smile, we can discuss your options. For patients who have issues with multiple teeth or multiple changes they would like to make, veneers make those things a reality.

Through photography and model work, we can give you an excellent understanding of what could be different about your teeth. We can even give you what we call a “trial smile.” This way you can see not just what your smile could look like in theory but what it will look like when your veneers are complete.

It’s not enough to be able to give you a nice smile. For Dr. Finley and the rest of us at Bayou Dental Group, it’s important that you have a smile that you envision for yourself.

How Veneers Work

The point of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile.

Teeth whitening can do that by removing stains from your teeth. Dental bonding can repair individual teeth by adding resin to them to rebuild their shape.

Veneers work more like putting a new facade on a building. The structure remains the same underneath, but the outward appearance can change dramatically.

We use porcelain veneers for a few reason. First and foremost, porcelain looks like real teeth both because of its color and how it reflects light.

Second, porcelain is durable. You will be able to use it to bite and chew just like you do with your real teeth.

And third, porcelain is stain-resistant, so you new “teeth” are more likely to maintain their appearance for a long time with proper care.

If you and Dr. Finley decide that veneers are a good solution for your smile issues, then the first step will be removing a small portion of enamel from the front of your teeth.

Next, we will make an impression of your teeth. This is done so your veneers are custom-fitted to fit on your teeth.

When your veneers are finished, you will return to our office. After a cleaning, we will bond the veneers in place. If needed, we can make some minor adjustments so your smile looks just right.

When you see your new smile, you may be surprised by how it affects you.

Why Bayou Dental Center Is The Place For Veneers

From a patient care standpoint, you won’t find a team that cares more about patients than the staff at our dentist office in Monroe, LA.

On top of that, your cosmetic dentistry will be performed by one of the best cosmetic dentists in the United States, not just Louisiana.

Dr. Finley is the 61st Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He’s also among the less than 6 percent of American dentists who have a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry.

Fewer than 30 dentists have fellowships in both of these groups. In addition to this, he has won the AACD’s annual smile gallery competition five years in a row.

In other words, he has been recognized by his peers for his skills as a cosmetic dentist. All you have to do is make an appointment to let him put those skills to work for you.

To request a consultation, call 318-302-4236 or contact us online. It’s the first step is remaking your smile.

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