It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream Smile

Do you wonder if there is hope for your smile? Maybe you are afraid that there are just too many flaws and too many problems to be solved. After all, you’ve been living with the damage for years. Why stop now? We have one answer: your health depends on the health of your teeth.

That’s right. Did you know that your teeth play a huge role in the overall health of your body? Gum disease, for example, is linked with common health concerns like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. That’s a pretty serious list!

It can all stem from your smile, which is why it is important that you never give up on your teeth! Here at Bayou Dental Group, we have a solution that will allow us to improve the health AND look of your smile. It is called Full Mouth Reconstruction, and that’s what we want to talk about today!

Don’t Dismiss Your Smile

It can be tempting to dismiss your own smile by saying you are too old, or your teeth are too bad, or it’s just not worth it to have the work done. We would ask you to stop your thinking right there! It is absolutely worth it to gain back your health, your life, and your confidence.

We know what it’s like for patients who are terrified for anyone else to see their smiles! It’s embarrassing, and those people who stare at your teeth while you are talking don’t help! There is a way to correct the problem, and it’s waiting right here for you.

Let’s Address the Health First

Generally, someone in need of full mouth reconstruction will have some health concerns. That means decay or infection. It is very common, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. We know how to take care of it!

In the process of a Full Mouth Reconstruction, our first concern is to get your teeth HEALTHY. That means ending the spread of decay, clearing the infection from your mouth, and getting your teeth strong enough for the next stage of treatment: cosmetics!

Getting a Beautiful Smile

You don’t have to want a Hollywood-perfect smile to have cosmetic work done to your teeth. It is just a part of the Full Mouth Reconstruction process. We have made your teeth healthy, and now, we want to make you feel confident when you smile. We can be as conservative or as dramatic as you would like!

Through the use of veneers, cosmetic crowns, whitening, and many other options, we can transform your smile into something that you are proud to wear. Maybe for the first time in years, you will be comfortable smiling in front of a camera or greeting a stranger. We can’t wait for you to have that experience!

Make the Decision to Seek Care

Ultimately, the decision is yours. How do you want to spend the rest of your life? Do you want to have a beat-up, unhealthy, embarrassing set of teeth that you have to hide? Or do you want to have a healthy mouth with teeth that you are happy to show off? We hope you’ll choose the latter, and we hope that you’ll come to us for help!

Set Up Your Consultation Today!

The entire process begins with one consultation appointment right here in our judgment-free dental office. We are here to help you get a healthier, happier smile, so you’ll never hear negativity from us! Contact us today to find out more about how we can transform your smile into something outstanding!

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