Is Your Child Ready for the First Appointment?

When you have children, everything changes. Your world gets flipped completely upside-down in the most amazing way possible. On the other hand, you have probably never been more terrified than the moment you realize that the doctors and nurses actually want you to take that newborn home with you so that you can take care of it!

There are so many things we want to do right for our kids, but helping them keep a healthy smile should be at the top of your list. After all, the habits you help your child create now will translate into the habits your child will have as an adult!

There is one moment that many parents fear: the first appointment. You’re never quite sure how it’s going to go, and you really hope your child doesn’t bite the dentist’s finger. We are here to help you feel a little bit better about this appointment. We want to explain why it’s important, what you can expect, and how to help your child prepare!

Start Her on the Right Foot

As with all healthy habits, it is important that you start your child on the right foot. You want her to grow up with a beautiful smile that she can be proud of, and that begins very early. In fact, you should begin cleaning her gums with a soft cloth by the time she is 3-4 months old!

As teeth grow, your will graduate to a small finger brush, and eventually to a small training toothbrush. Keep these times with her fun and light so that she can learn to value this habit.

At-Home Care is Important, but Visits are Essential

So you have the at-home care down, is that enough? After all, they’re just baby teeth, right? Baby teeth play a very important role in your child’s future smile! We have to work together to keep those baby teeth healthy because they are the placeholders for the adult teeth. If something were to go wrong with those baby teeth, the adult teeth would have no idea where to go when they come in! That’s one way children end up needing orthodontic care later in life. It’s important to protect those baby teeth, which is why regular office visits are very important!

When is the Time Right?

We recommend that you bring your child within the first six months after the first tooth has come in. That would put your child at 12-18 months. Some parents choose to wait a while longer, but that’s really up to you. The sooner we can see your child, the sooner we can let you know if those baby teeth are growing in the way that they should.

What Can We Expect?

At the first appointment, there is nothing to fear for you or your child. We love working with kids, and we’ll make sure that you and your little one are completely comfortable. The first appointment is more about getting to know each other than anything else.

Of course, we will take inventory of those little teeth, but we won’t be doing any real work or cleaning at this appointment. We’ll introduce your child to the office and send her home with a few special treats! We’ll also speak with you about how to best keep her smile healthy and strong!

Help Your Child Prepare

Your toddler probably won’t have many questions about the dentist, but if you elect to wait until your child is in preschool or beyond, you can bet the experience will be quite a bit different. That little mind will wonder about the dentist’s office, and it’s up to you to make sure that she is ready for a positive experience.

You can do that by answering her questions honestly and positively. There’s no reason to lie about the dentist, but you can keep things light-hearted so that your child isn’t afraid. After all, we aren’t going to be doing anything painful! You should also plan to be there with your child throughout the appointment. She’ll want to know that you are there for her!

Set Up Her Appointment Today!

Are you ready to get your child on the right track for dental health? Contact us today to set up an appointment. We can’t wait to meet with you both! We will have a fantastic first appointment, and your child will be ready to come back in six months!

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