How To Liberate Yourself From The Shame Of Tooth Loss [BLOG]

If you’re like most people, you recently spent time with family and friends celebrating the 4th of July holiday.

Unlike most people, however, perhaps you didn’t enjoy yourself quite as much as you should have because you’ve lost some teeth. This problem can make typically fun occasions anything but!

Maybe you felt saddened by having to watch everyone eat whatever they wanted while you joylessly sat eating mashed potatoes because it’s the only dish on the buffet table you could easily handle.

Or maybe you spent too much time worried about letting your guard down and revealing an unattractive smile or leading people to believe that you don’t take very good care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if that’s the truth. You can still be imprisoned by the shame and the looks of judgment.

Today, our team at Bayou Dental Group wants you to live better than that the next time your family gathers to celebrate a special occasion. We’re sharing ways to replace missing teeth and liberate yourself from this point on!

How Dental Implants Can Liberate You!

When you’ve lost some teeth, you no doubt feel ashamed for the way it’s affected your smile. You also probably have had to modify your diet to avoid the pain, discomfort, and special challenges you face with chewing certain foods.

Overall, you’ve likely led a more isolated life so you don’t have to deal with the insecurity of feeling judged for your appearance or about the state of your oral health.

Dental implants can liberate you of that life in a way other replacement options can’t!

Implants are a three-part solution:

*A titanium screw, which is the implant itself, is placed inside your jawbone to fuse with it and act as a new, synthetic tooth root.

*An abutment is then attached to the implant to provide a stable base for your new tooth.

*Finally, a dental restoration is attached firmly to the abutment to serve as your natural-looking replacement tooth.

Dental implants are designed to help you eat all the foods you love with ease and smile with full confidence because of how lifelike and beautiful your new teeth look!

Other Ways To Replace Missing Teeth

There are other ways to regain your smile at Bayou Dental Group!

Along with implants, you can also choose to rely on dental crowns and bridges to replace your missing teeth.

With these options, you can replace just one lost tooth or even several missing teeth in a way that restores both appearance and function thanks to our durable, and attractive, restorations.

A dental crown, or a series of crowns that create a dental bridge, can give you a complete smile that will set you free and make you feel proud to smile again. You can also enjoy that sense of liberation faster thanks to our advanced CEREC technology.

We can design and fabricate your restorations in one convenient visit to our Monroe, LA practice so you can start living the life you deserve as soon as you leave!

You can also schedule a consultation with Dr. Finley to find out how we can use dental implants in conjunction with dentures so you can take advantage of their lasting strength and stability!

We’ll help you choose the best method to suit your health needs and your lifestyle goals!

Make An Appointment Today!

It’s time to break free from constraints of tooth loss and start living the life you want.

We can help you with our dental implant solutions and other tooth replacement options at Bayou Dental Group.

Call our Monroe, LA dental office today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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