How Diet Drinks Spell Danger For Your Teeth [BLOG]

You’re someone who tries hard to make good choices for the sake of your health.

Because of that, you satisfy your cravings for carbonation with diet soda instead of regular soda.

After all, you know how bad sugar is for your teeth.

But did you know that diet soft drinks can also spell danger for your teeth?

Our team at Bayou Dental Group knows how hard it is to know what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink these days to protect your smile.

That’s why we want to set the record straight about those deceptive diet labels on your favorite fizzy drinks in today’s blog!

Diet Drinks Are Dangerous For Your Teeth

It’s amazing how one little word can give us a false sense of security.

But that’s exactly what the word ‘diet’ on a drink label will do.

You think you’re making a better, healthier choice by choosing a diet version of your favorite soda. Maybe in terms of calories, that’s true.

But the truth is diet soft drinks pose just as much of a danger to your teeth as regular soft drinks.

The inside of your mouth is full of bacteria. Some it is good bacteria, but the rest?

Not good at all!

In fact, it’s the bad bacteria that are behind nearly all of the dental problems you might face in your lifetime.

They love to feed off the sugar in your mouth that stick around after your food and drinks pass through.

So it makes sense that you’d assume a diet drink without all the added sugar is a better choice for your teeth.

But diet sodas have just as much acid as a regular soft drink, which is why you should beware of either!

As strong as your tooth enamel is, it’s just not impervious to the powerful acids in your mouth whose mission is to erode your enamel to destruction. Not just that, but the acid will also make it harder for you to process calcium, which your teeth depend on for strength.

Once your enamel is compromised, disease-causing bacteria have an advantage in getting inside your teeth and causing all kinds of dangerous dental problems you should do all you can to avoid.

Water Keeps Your Teeth Safe

The best way to quench your thirst and keep your teeth safe is to drink plenty of water.

Not only does your overall health depend on it, but your tooth enamel relies on it for protection.

By coating your teeth and shielding them from acids and harmful bacteria, your saliva provides an essential barrier your smile needs to stay strong and healthy.

You can even rinse your mouth with water, after you’ve splurged on a soft drink, for example, to help wash away any sticky residue that would otherwise become fuel for the bacteria in your mouth.

Make An Appointment

Even with a healthy diet and consistent oral hygiene, you still need help keeping your smile in great shape.

For that, you can count on quality care at Bayou Dental Group!

With routine cleanings and exams in our Monroe, LA dental office, your teeth and gums will stay safe from tooth decay and other dental problems that threaten your smile.

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