Give Your Smile A Fresh Start With Restorative Dentistry [BLOG]

Do you have teeth that have seen better days?

Teeth that have been cracked, broken, or decayed, or worse, teeth that have fallen out entirely?

Dr. Finley and our team at Bayou Dental Group can help put your smile back together to preserve your dental health, function, and appearance!

Give Your Smile A Fresh Start With Restorative Dentistry

There’s nothing to gain by putting off restorative dental treatment when you have problems with your teeth. That’s because compromised or missing teeth will only create more serious dental health issues the longer you let them go.

Here are two ways our team in Monroe, LA can use high-quality restorations to give your smile a fresh start!

*Make A Damaged Tooth Good As New*

It doesn’t take much to hurt your self-esteem when it comes to your smile.

You could have a mouth full of healthy teeth and gums, but maybe one or two teeth somewhere in the front have become a bit dark or discolored, chipped, cracked, or worn down.

That’s really all it would take to make you feel insecure about smiling or laughing around other people.

Damaged or weak teeth also pose a problem for comfortable function, influencing what you do and don’t eat.

The benefit of coming to Bayou Dental Group for the restorative treatment you need to make a damaged tooth good as new is our state-of-the-art CEREC technology.

Dr. Finley and our team can design, fabricate, and place a new dental crown over a problem tooth in a single visit so it not only stays strong and protected moving forward, but it blends in beautifully with your smile overall.

*Make A Toothless Smile Whole Again*

Whether it’s an injury, lack of dental care, or gum disease, we’re all capable of losing one or more teeth at some point in our lifetime.

One tooth that’s discolored, decayed, or damaged can be enough to impact your smile and self-confidence, but large empty spaces in your smile as a result of tooth loss is even more devastating.

Not only is it embarrassing, but it has a profound impact on function, impeding your ability to tear, chew, and eat healthy foods easily and comfortably.

Tooth loss will also affect your jawbone and gum health if you don’t replace missing teeth.

Dr. Finley and our team offer durable dental implants and gorgeous restorations to make your smile whole again. Since implants fuse to your own jawbone, you get replacement teeth that have nearly the same bite strength you once had and allow you to eat and smile with confidence again.

Start Fresh With A New & Improved Smile

There’s a growing trend among DIY enthusiasts where you take an antique chair, table, or dresser and repurpose it with fresh paints or stains or hardware. It’s quite satisfying to take something that’s been banged up here and there over the years and restore its original beauty and strength.

You can do the same with your smile. Dr. Finley and our team use the latest technology and trends to repair, strengthen, and beautify your teeth that have been worn, damaged, or diseased with time.

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Everyone deserves a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

When life throws you unexpected challenges in maintaining good dental health, fortunately you have a skilled Monroe, LA dentist, Dr. Finley, who can give your smile a fresh start!

To schedule an appointment for restorative treatment, call Bayou Dental Group today at 318-302-4236 or request an appointment using our online form.

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