Get Veneers For A Camera Ready Smile

How would you describe a “Hollywood Smile”?

Would all the teeth be straight? Would the teeth sparkling white? Would it be evenly spaced?
We’ve all seen the photos of celebrities in magazines, posing in front of backdrops at red carpet events, flashing their perfect smiles.

The truth is nobody is born with perfect teeth. You can look like you have them with porcelain veneers, however. And you can get veneers at the Bayou Dental Group.

If you are interested in learning about veneers or any our of cosmetic dentistry, keep reading, then visit our office at in Monroe, LA.

Do you need to be camera ready?

Odds are, most of us are never going to be invited to red carpet events, and if we are, the paparazzi probably won’t be shouting for us to stop and pose.

Even so, we live in a time when anyone’s picture can be taken and shared with the world at a moment’s notice (or without notice at all). Digital cameras and camera phone have become a universal part of our culture. At any moment, your children or grandchildren may ask you to pose for a selfie.

With Christmas coming up, you may be asked to pose for a family portrait or a group picture at your company Christmas party. And there always seems to be someone trying to take candid photos are holiday gatherings. Any of those photo could end up on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or who knows what other social media site.

How comfortable would you feel if someone wanted to take your picture right now? What would you change about your smile if you could?

Veneers Can Fix Your Smile

Porcelain veneers can fix a wide variety of problems you may have with your smile. We don’t want to mislead you. Veneers can’t fix everything, but you might be surprised at how versatile they are for cosmetic dentistry.

Here’s a few ways they can help:

Whiter Teeth — You may be thinking, “Couldn’t I just use professional teeth whitening?”
Sure you can if you goal is to remove stains from your teeth. Professional whitening is great to remove stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Veneers are a better option if your yellow teeth are the result of worn down enamel, however. This exposes the dentin, which is naturally more yellow than your enamel.

Veneers are a shell that we place over your teeth. Because of this, a set of veneers can improve the look of your teeth sort of how a new coat of paint or new siding can improve the appearance of your house.

Straighter Teeth — If you have crooked teeth, your first thought might be to consider orthodontic care to straighten your teeth. Without a doubt, that will straighten your teeth if you don’t mind wearing braces for a couple years.

If you are looking for immediate results, we can place your veneers on your teeth in a matter of weeks. During your first visit, we may need to remove some of the enamel on your teeth to make an impression that will be used to design your porcelain veneers. When your custom-fitted veneers are ready (usually a week or two later), we will bond them to your teeth on your return visit to our dentist office in Monroe, LA.

Uniform Spacing — If you have crowded teeth, your first thought might be orthodontics again. The same is true if you have gaps in your teeth. (Michael Strahan and Madonna may not mind the gaps in their smiles, but most people aren’t that comfortable.)

Porcelain veneers can completely change the way your smile appears to the rest of the world. You smile can look like you have perfectly spaced teeth that are parallel to one another.

If you have more than one of the issues we mentioned above, then veneers are perfect for you.
Want straighter and whiter teeth? Veneers will work.
Need to close a gap in your smile and straighten your crooked teeth? Veneers works for that, too.

Make An Appointment

We have seen how bad teeth affect some people. We’ve had patients who were ashamed to show their teeth when the first came to our office. After they got their veneers, it made their smiles more attractive, but it seemed to give them a confidence boost as well.

If you think veneers might be able to improve your smile, contact Bayou Dental Group in Monroe. Call our office at 318-302-4236 to make an appointment.

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