Get A Dental Exam Before School Begins

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Paper? Check.

Pens and pencils? Check.
School clothes? Check.
Notebooks? Check.
Other miscellaneous supplies? Check.
Dental cleaning?

If you haven’t checked that last item off your back-to-school list, then it’s time to make an appointment for your children at Bayou Dental Group. Our dentist office serves Monroe, LA, and the surrounding area.

Now would be a great time to have your little darlings’ teeth examined and professionally cleaned before homework, practices, and other commitments eat into your family time.

Children’s Dentistry

One of the things we are happy to do at Bayou Dental Group is to provide quality dental care for your children.

Our friendly staff wants to help your kids feel relaxed and comfortable while they are in our office. Dr. Finley and our dental hygienists are committed to helping every member of your family have a positive experience at our office.

You can count on a thorough cleaning and examination when you bring your family to see us.

Our hope is to prevent problems from developing. Our cleanings will remove any plaque or tartar buildup in your children’s mouths, and we will polish their teeth to make them look at nice as they can.

While your children are with us, we will give them a complete examination as well. We will look for any signs or symptoms of cavities or gum disease. We will take X-rays to monitor changes in their teeth, too.

If we find anything that may be a concern, we will let you know. We want to treat the problem early so it doesn’t become a bigger issue down the road that requires a more invasive (not to mention more expensive) treatment.

Gentle Care

It’s important to us that all our patients feel comfortable during their treatment.

One example of this is how we treat tooth decay when we find it. Instead of “the drill,” we may use air abrasion.

This is a gentler way of removing the decay from your children’s teeth. With air abrasion, a blast of air pushes smile particles that strike the tooth. In a way, it acts as a miniature sandblaster to remove the decay from your child’s teeth.

This method of treating cavities is easier for our patients as it generates no heat or pressure and it does not cause vibrations on their teeth.

It’s also good because it reduces the risk of chipping the tooth, too.

We also want our patients to be comfortable in our chairs. If your child wants, we can give him or her a pillow and a blanket, so they feel cozy, and we can turn on a movie to distract him or her during the cleaning.

If we have any concern that your child may feel pain during a particular procedure, we can give them a small amount of local anesthetic. By putting his or her tooth “to sleep,” we can help your son or daughter in a pain-free way.

Dealing With Dental Anxiety

We have learned that it’s easier to care for patients who are calm and relaxed.

With that in mind, our comfort options and the caring nature of our staff often are enough to help patients get through their cleanings even if they are a little anxious.

One of the best ways to prevent long-term dental anxiety is to develop a relationship with your dentist.

When you bring your child to see us for routine cleanings and examinations a couple times each year, they get to know us. They find out for themselves that our staff cares about them and wants to help.

That makes it easier for your children, easier for you as a parent, and easier for the person cleaning your children’s teeth.

Parents And Teachers Are Welcome, Too

Children are not the only people getting ready for school. They aren’t the only people with teeth either.

Before your life gets overwhelmed with grading papers and helping with homework, make a little time to get a dental check-up, too.

It would be better to find out your teeth are in good shape or to address any small problems now than to put it off for weeks or months.

Check That Last Item Off Your List

As you are gathering supplies for the upcoming academic year, make plans to visit Bayou Dental Group, too.

A professional dental cleaning and examination will give you one less thing to worry about as you send your children off to school, whether it’s their first day ever or just their first day this year.

Call 318-302-4236 or use our online form to make appointments for your kids at our dentist office in Monroe, LA. Do it soon. Schools will be back in session before you know it.

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