Four Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

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“Pearly whites.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase used at one time or another to describe teeth. Maybe you were getting ready for a picture, and the photographer said, “Show me those pearly whites.”

But if you are being honest, do your teeth remind you of a string of pearls, all shiny and bright?

Over time, a vast majority of people will become aware of a gradual yellowing of their teeth. This is not something that happens overnight, but one day, you notice it in the mirror.

Your teeth are not as sparkling as they used to be. Don’t feel bad. It’s part of getting older.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can have your teeth whitened at Bayou Dental Group. Our dentist can do for you what he has done for many patients in and around Monroe, LA.

If you have been wondering of professional teeth whitening might be a good option for you, here are four reasons to consider it.

  1. Your smile will look better.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. Yellow teeth can look ugly.

We’ll use smoker’s teeth as an example, in part because smoking or using other tobacco products will make your teeth stain faster than they would otherwise.

The chemicals in tobacco products can both weaken your enamel and leave traces of themselves on your teeth.

We’ve all heard the controversies about magazines manipulating images to make their subjects look thinner. It’s just as easy to use digital imaging software to make someone’s teeth look whiter than they really are.

Why would they do that? For the same reason that they do the other things that they do: to make the models in their advertisements look nicer.

  1. Your teeth will look healthier.

We could use smoking as an example of this again. Anytime your teeth look yellow and dingy, they won’t look as healthy as teeth that are white and bright.

Maybe this is just a function of use. Anything you use will get worn down a little bit every time you use it.

You should brush your teeth twice a day. You should floss daily, and you should visit Bayou Dental Care for routine cleanings. All of these help you keep your teeth healthy.

While these things can slow down the staining process, they won’t stop it completely.

We have patients who visit us who have teeth that are healthy, but still yellow and stained. This could lead someone else to misjudge their oral hygiene.

  1. You will look younger.

Would you like to look 5 or even 10 years younger? Teeth whitening can make that happen. It may be hard to believe that changing that one thing can have that much of an effect, but it really can.

British newspaper The Daily Mail demonstrated this with a little experiment, which involved digital photo manipulation.

The newspaper showed volunteers images of various people, some of them were celebrities. Others were unknown to the volunteers.

People who looked at photos of a British politician with his naturally colored teeth thought he was 58 years old on average. When people looked at the same photo with the politician’s teeth whitened, the volunteers estimated that he was 49 years old.

Another photo of a female model was shown with three different shadings. People who looked at the photo with moderately stained teeth estimated that she was 37 years old. People who saw a photo with severe stains placed her at 43 years old, and people who saw a whiter smile estimated that she was 31 years old.

Now, we aren’t going to say that whitening your teeth will make you look 12 years younger, but it could knock a few years off your appearance.

  1. You will feel more confident.

This may be the most important reason of all.

If you are happy with your smile …

If you look healthier …

If you look younger …

… then you will feel more confident about your appearance. You will feel more comfortable laughing and smiling and talking to friends and strangers, too.

Find Your Own Reason

Maybe you are getting ready for a wedding, where you know lots of photos will be taken. Maybe you are going to an anniversary or another milestone celebration. Maybe you just want to look better in your next selfie.

Whatever your reason, professional teeth whitening at Bayou Dental Group can work for you.

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