Dental Veneers Are An Instant Fix For Your Smile [BLOG]

You can take all the precautions necessary to keep your teeth healthy and attractive, but the truth is that years of use will inevitably become more and more visible in your smile.

That’s why our team at Bayou Dental Group is so proud of our dental veneers and how they’ve transformed patients’ smiles in Monroe, LA for years!

With award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Finley, and our highly-skilled team, you can turn the clock back on your worn, damaged teeth and quickly makeover your smile with our stunning veneers.

How Are Veneers Like An Instant Smile Fix?

Technically, you know that nothing is an “instant” fix, but compared to other cosmetic treatments, dental veneers are a much faster way to correct a wide variety of smile flaws. Since they’re custom-made, the entire process may take a few appointments, from consultation to actual placement.

But once they are placed, the results are instant and amazing!

*Make Your Teeth Look Bright & Healthy*

If your teeth look dull or dingy, they may also look unhealthy, even if they aren’t.

Stains that set in on your tooth enamel don’t just suddenly appear, but they are the sort of cosmetic problem that you suddenly notice despite the fact that they’ve been setting in for years.

The great thing about dental veneers is that they hide teeth discoloration, make your smile brighter overall, and resistant stains over time.

*Conceal The Dents, Dings, & Nicks*

Maybe you used to chew on pencils or bite your nails.

Maybe you’ve had a habit of grinding your teeth that’s resulted in tiny dents, dings, or nicks over the years.

Whatever the cause of damaged tooth enamel, dental veneers conceal it all, which not only makes your teeth look better, but it helps keep them less susceptible to similar surface damage in the future. Veneers aren’t completely indestructible, but they’re quite strong and durable and are great for protecting your teeth.

*Smooth Out The Edges*

For some, after years of use, teeth can become worn or rough around the edges.

For others, it might just be the way a few adult teeth have been shaped since they first came in that don’t quite match up with the rest of them.

Since veneers are custom-designed, we can make sure they all have an even, consistent size and shape for a more pleasing, sophisticated smile.

*Hide Crooked Teeth & Empty Spaces*

If your teeth are slightly crooked, overlapping, or unevenly spaced out, you have one of two options:

You could spend the next two years wearing braces.

Or you could “straighten” teeth instantly with dental veneers!

When placed over your teeth, veneers give the illusion that any gaps between your teeth have been closed and your teeth have been repositioned.

But veneers don’t move your teeth, as you know. They’re just a faster way to achieve the same visual results you’d get with standard orthodontic treatment.

Schedule Your Consultation!

Why live with an unattractive smile you don’t like?

Especially when you have an award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Finley, who can custom-create dental veneers right here in Monroe, LA!

Life is too short to settle for a smile that makes you feel unhappy. Visit us for a consultation so we can help you find out if dental veneers would be an instant fix for your smile problems.

Call Bayou Dental Group today at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request a cosmetic consultation.

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