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Imagine it’s a hot summer afternoon. You’re sitting on the porch watching your kids play in the yard when you hear it — and you know they do, too. The ice cream truck is rolling through the neighborhood.

Your kids come running, hoping you’ll give them a few dollars to get a cool treat.

Now imagine a mobile dental truck driving past your house. Would your kids come running, or would they just run away?

OK, OK, we know kids (and adults, for that matter) are never going to be as excited about coming to the dentist as they are about ice cream.

But we also know that you want your kids to have healthy teeth. At Bayou Dental Group, we understand how important oral health is for every member of your family. This is why we try to make your child’s first visit as pleasant as possible.

We want to build a lifelong relationship with you and your children. That way, everyone can keep their teeth for as long as possible.

What To Expect During Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Like we said, we want to build a relationship with your children from the first time they come to our dentist office in Monroe, LA.

The American Dental Association recommends bringing your child to the dentist for the first time about six months after his or her first tooth erupts.

The focus of this first visit is on two things — prevention of future problems and introducing your child to the dentist office. And frankly, the second thing may be the most important part of this first visit.

We hire people to work in our practice who love children. When children come to see us, we want them to feel loved and cared for by our staff. We will not force children to do anything while they are in our office. We want your child to feel comfortable with receiving treatment.

In many cases, you may be asked to sit in the chair and hold your child. We may “count the teeth” in your child’s mouth so we can check for any problems. We also use this time to discuss oral hygiene and preventive steps you can take to reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities.

On one visit, your son or daughter may be OK sitting in the chair and looking at our “cool” toothbrush. Maybe the next time, he or she will let us use the toothbrush to clean his or her teeth.

Next Steps Of Care

Pediatric dentistry is much easier when children know the dentist or the dental hygienist who will be cleaning their teeth.

We know that dental anxiety is very real for many adults, but we hope we can reduce that anxiety in your children by making  routine dental care a regular part of their lives.

One way we can reduce the risk of cavities is with sealants. A sealant can be used to cover teeth that are most likely to develop cavities. This is a small step that can save your kids (and your wallet) from more complicated issues.

As your children get older, they will start losing their baby teeth. This can be both an exciting time and a scary one for your kids.

During your children’s regular check-ups, we can monitor how their adult teeth are coming in. If they are having problems, we may be able to intervene early.

This could help you and your child prepare in case orthodontic treatment may be needed when they get older.

We’re On Your Side

Oral health takes a team effort, and we want you and your family to know that we are part of your team.

At home, you and your children should be brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once per day. If you’d like, we can even show your children (and you) the proper way to brush and floss.

When your children (and you) visit our office twice a year for routine cleanings, we are more likely to spot problems early and treat them before they turn into major concerns.

You also should know that we offer fluoride treatments to help fight cavities. Fluoride is used by dentists because it helps teeth rebuild enamel, which is your tooth’s natural protection.

A Lifetime Commitment

Building relationships take time. The earlier we can get to know your child, the better our relationship will be.

At our dentist office, we want families in and around Monroe, LA, to feel comfortable with our staff and confident about the care they will receive. At Bayou Dental Care, we are always happy to see you and your family, and we love meeting new patients, too.

If you would like to make an appointment or if you have any questions about our services, fill out our online form or call 318-302-4236.

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