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If the thought of going to the dentist sends chills down your spine and sets your heart racing, you probably have what’s known as dental anxiety.

Millions of Americans experience some level of fear about their dental visit. In fact, an estimated 58% of them are so afraid, they skip dental appointments altogether! While this is understandable, avoiding the dentist isn’t good for your oral health.

Dr. Finley at Bayou Dental Group knows how you feel. As someone who had bad experiences in the dental chair as a kid, he knows all too well how those experiences can affect you later in life. That’s why Dr. Finley, and all of us here in our Monroe dental office, do all we can to make sure your experience with us is comfortable and positive.

Since it’s July, when we celebrate our great country’s independence, we thought it was the perfect chance to talk to you about another kind of freedom… one that will allow you to get back on track toward a healthier smile.

We’re sharing information about dental anxiety and how our caring team at Bayou Dental Group can help you break free from it for good!

Why Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

One of the best ways to overcome your fear is to first try to identify where it’s coming from. Now, we know that most people don’t skip excitedly to the dentist’s office. Even the strongest among us may feel at least a little anxious about going.

But when you’re so nervous that you’re physically affected by it, maybe with sweaty palms or intense butterflies in your stomach, or worse, you avoid going at all, it’s time to take a serious look at what’s causing those feelings.

So here are some common reasons people have dental anxiety:

You Haven’t Been To The Dentist In A Long TIme

If it’s been years since you’ve been to the dentist for a cleaning and exam, you probably feel anxious about what your dentist will find. You might wonder about the state of your oral health and how bad it’s gotten. Fear of the unknown can have a profound impact on your feelings about returning to the dentist for a checkup.

You Had A Negative Experience In The Dental Chair As A Kid

For a kid, it doesn’t take much for them to feel scared. Even a child’s first haircut can be traumatic. So it’s perfectly understandable that you may have had a scary dental appointment and don’t want to risk it happening again. Whether you actually felt any pain during your childhood visits or not, the fear can stay with you for many years.

You’ve Heard Stories From Others Who’ve Had Bad Experiences

Sometimes our dental anxiety comes from simply hearing someone else talk about their horrible appointments. One of the reasons we love books and movies is because they can make you feel like you’re right there experiencing it for yourself. The same is true when a friend or family member shares their troubling experience with you. If they had a bad visit, you’re afraid you will, too.

How Can Bayou Dental Group Help You Break Free From Dental Anxiety?

All the reasons we just mentioned are totally understandable. But how do you get past your fear? In our Monroe dental office, we can help you feel more comfortable in a number of ways. Here are a few:

Comfort Options

It begins with our warm, caring staff and our comfortable office atmosphere. You’re treated like a part of our family here at Bayou Dental Group. We take our time with you, don’t rush through your appointment, and we listen to your questions and concerns.

You can also enjoy our comfortable chairs, warm blankets, pillows, and earphones to listen to relaxing music or watch a TV show. We also offer complimentary drinks. Whatever we can do to make you feel at ease, you can count on our friendly team to make that happen.

Nitrous Oxide And Oral Sedation

If you need a little extra help feeling relaxed, we also offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation. While you receive treatment, you’ll feel calm and comfortable so you can get the dental care you need for the healthy smile you deserve.

Let us know how we can help you celebrate your independence from dental anxiety. Call our Monroe dental office at 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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