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It happened again today. You were in the middle of making a sales presentation to a potential client, and you could tell their representatives were distracted.

It wasn’t anything going on outside the room or even someone else in the room. It was your teeth. This doesn’t happen each time, but it’s happened enough that you want your teeth to look different.

You could look into orthodontic care, or you could consider a cosmetic option instead. Porcelain veneers can improve the appearance of your smile in a short time without the hassles that come with wearing braces.

Call us if you live in or near Monroe, LA, and you would like to know more about veneers. The dentist and the staff at Bayou Dental Group would love to help you improve your smile.

Brace Yourself

Adult orthodontics are becoming more common, but that doesn’t mean you want to walk around with a metal mouth for the next two years.

Braces are still mostly associated with teenagers. Could wearing braces on your teeth affect the respect you receive from your co-workers, clients, and customers? Is that a chance you want to take at this stage of your career?

Let’s assume you do go forward with getting braces. The brackets and wires will be on your teeth 24 hours a day for the next 24 months (on average).

You will have to change your brushing and flossing habits. You still need to brush and floss. It’s just the way you do these things may be different until your orthodontic treatment is complete.

Plus, you will have to avoid certain foods to prevent damaging your braces. This could make for some awkward lunches, especially work-related ones.

Throughout your treatment, you will need to make multiple dental visits to have your braces adjusted. This, too, could affect the progress you make at work.

In the end, your teeth will be straighter, however.

A Simpler Solution

Porcelain veneers will not straighten your teeth, but they will allow you to look like you have straight teeth.

Veneers are used to cover your teeth like a shell or a like new siding on a house. The foundation is still in place, but the exterior can look completely different in a short amount of time.

To get veneers, we recommend you visit our office for a consultation first. We have what we call the smile creation process in our office. We want to understand exactly what you would like to change about your teeth.

We work with you to create the smile that you want. It’s important to us that you understand what is possible and how it can happen.

With porcelain veneers, we would need to remove a portion of the front of your teeth. Then we would make an impression. This way your veneers will fit your teeth perfectly without changing your profile.

When your veneers are ready, we will bond them directly to your teeth. Your smile can look dramatically different in a matter of just a few weeks rather than a few years.

How Can Veneers Change Your Smile?

If you can imagine it, veneers can probably fix it. Veneers are an extremely versatile form of cosmetic dentistry. We’ll explain below.

◼︎ Straight teeth

Since we were talking about orthodontics, we will start by pointing out that veneers can make your teeth look completely straight. If you have a crooked smile, veneers can fix that.

If you have gaps between your teeth, veneers can close those openings so your teeth look evenly spaced.

If you have crowded teeth, some of your teeth may be turned sideways. With veneers, your teeth can look like they are all perfectly parallel to one another.

◼︎ Complete teeth

In addition to making your teeth look straight, parallel, and evenly spaced, veneers can do some things that braces can’t. One of those things is repairing broken or worn down teeth.

Your teeth can become chipped as a result of accidents, grinding your teeth together, or biting into something that is too hard for your teeth. Teeth can become worn down from habitual behaviors (chewing ice, biting your nails).

Veneers can be used to restore the appearance of those teeth to a complete state.

◼︎ Whiter teeth

Again, this is something braces won’t be able to fix. Teeth whitening can help improve the color of your smile, but veneers can accomplish the same effect.

Veneers can hide stained teeth, but they also can brighten teeth that have turned darker for other reasons. Injuries, tooth decay, illnesses, and medications can cause teeth to become discolored, too. Veneers can return those teeth to a whiter state.

Revive Your Smile

Veneers are an excellent tool for improving the appearance of your smile. They are faster than braces. They can provide the same cosmetic benefits and a few others.

To learn more, you just need to visit Bayou Dental Group. You can call 318-302-4236 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation with our dentist in Monroe, LA. We look forward to helping you create the smile you’ve dreamed of having.

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