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At Bayou Dental Group, we love meeting new patients or hearing about the families and loved ones of our dedicated patients. But we understand no matter how comfortable you are with our Monroe dental team — or any dentist — your time is important to you. We take our time with each and every patient, but we also implement services that will give you beautiful, quick results.

Today I want to highlight 3 different services that will help you cut down on your time at the dentist.

WARNING: When I say spend less time at the dentist, I’m not encouraging you to skip dental appointments. Far from it! That will cause you more oral health problems down the road — and likely lead to lengthy dental visits. I’m writing to you about certain dental treatments that are quick, affordable, and lead to great results!

Here are my tips to you:

1. Whiten your teeth at home

Teeth whitening is one of the first aspects of cosmetic dentistry patients ask me about. I’ve yet to meet many patients who didn’t want whiter teeth. Whiter teeth can give you more confidence and give the appearance of a healthier smile. Unfortunately, people spend a ton of money on over-the-counter whitening products, which don’t always give patients optimal results. These over-the-counter options can also cause sensitivity for your teeth and gums.

At Bayou Dental Group, we can whiten your teeth in the office or give design at-home whitening trays. The in-office whitening is completed in 15-minute increments until you reach the desired shade. But maybe you’d rather spend that time doing something else. Or with your family. We can fashion a custom mouthpiece and prescribe a special whitening gel. You’ll then wear the whitening treatments for 15 to 20 minutes every day until you reach the desired shade.

2. Permanent crowns in one dental visit

Every year, millions of Americans will need a dental crown — or multiple dental crowns. That’s why at our Monroe dental office, we have technology to provide same-day crowns. A traditional crown can take anywhere from two to three dental visits, but using CEREC technology, we can place permanent crowns in about 90 minutes. CEREC includes special CAD/CAM technology. This allows us to:

• Prepare the tooth
• Take an impression
• Design the crown
• Fabricate the crown
• Place the crown

In addition to saving you loads of time, CEREC allows you to avoid wearing a temporary crown. Patients wear temporary crowns while their permanent crowns are being fabricated. That can sometimes take weeks — or even longer.

3. Complete multiple treatments in one visit

Some of my patients will never need major dental treatments, while others struggle to keep their mouth healthy. Whenever I see a patient who needs multiple dental treatments to restore their mouth, that patient can sometimes be overwhelmed by the number of treatments we suggest. That’s part of the reason we have implemented oral conscious sedation. This sedation method is great for helping patients relax in the dental chair, but it’s also possible to use oral conscious sedation to complete multiple dental treatments at once. That can be placing multiple dental crowns or even completing more complicated treatment like placing dental implants.

Oral conscious sedation is rendered in pill form. You’ll take the medication before your visit. You’ll have a friend or family member drive you to the office. By the time you reach the dental chair, you’ll be in a total state of relaxation. While oral conscious sedation is “conscious sedation,” many of our sedation patients actually fall asleep in the chair. What’s even better is that you’ll forget all about the sights, sounds, and smells of the procedure that may have made you nervous.

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This list includes just a few ways in which you can cut down on your time at the dentist. Of course, once of the best ways to avoid significant dental problems is to brush twice a day and floss daily. Also come visit us every six months for your cleanings and exams.

Give us call today at 318-302-4236 to schedule up an appointment or use easy the online appointment form.

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