7 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Considering Veneers

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Hello again Monroe! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog of the Bayou Dental Group. In our last post, we discussed how veneers can be used to change many aspects of your smile. (Veneers are thin shell placed over your teeth.)

Since our last post, many patients have contacted our comfortable and modern office to learn more about veneers. So in today’s post, we want to help you determine if veneers might be the right cosmetic dentistry option for you. Here’s seven questions to ask yourself if you’re considering veneers.

Question #1: Do You Want a Glamorous, Hollywood Smile?

Most people aren’t born with a perfect set of teeth. Yet whenever you see a movie star or rock star, it seems like their teeth are perfect. The truth is they probably had a little help from their dentist, and might even have veneers!

Veneers can cover many different common flaws with your smile. A single veneer can be used to cover a cracked, chipped, or misshapen tooth. A set of veneers can be used to whiten your smile, or even cover minor orthodontic flaws in your smile.

Question #2: Do You Want to Struggle with Adult Braces?

If you have slightly crooked teeth, or a gap between two teeth, you might think that braces are your only option. Braces are effective, but they take forever. Traditional adult braces take two years or longer to be effective, while even the fastest of short-term orthodontics take about six months.

Do you want to deal with braces for six months or longer? That’s six months of walking around with metal brackets and wire in your mouth, that’s six months of being limited in the foods you can safely eat. Veneers work in a fraction of the time as a solution for many minor orthodontic issues including gapped teeth and crooked teeth.

Question #3: Do You Want to Look Younger?

Time is unavoidable factor which affects your appearance in different ways. As your teeth age, they begin to lose their whiteness and their shine. You teeth may also become more prone to cracking, and even begin to drift apart from each other.

Veneers can erase the cosmetic flaws in your smile, making you look younger in the process. Many patients come to us after their procedure and tell us that veneers improved their self-confidence, making them feel younger and more alive.

Question #4: Do You Want a Restoration That Lasts?

Cosmetic dentistry is an investment into yourself, and into your smile. There are cosmetic dentistry options which are less expensive than veneers. But many of them are not nearly as long-lasting.

Dental bonding can be used to correct some minor flaws, but the bonding material can become discolored or crack. Professional teeth whitening fades away. But if you take care of them and maintain good oral hygiene, your veneers can last for decades.

Question #5: Do You Want to Stay Ashamed of Your Smile?

What do you do when someone asks you to smile? Are you willing to show off your teeth? Or do you give a sort-of half-smile?

What it be nice to not worry about your teeth when you smiled? Imagine not reflexively covering your mouth with your hand while eating, speaking, or laughing in a social environment. Veneers can help you unlock the inner self-confidence which you’d forgotten you had!

Question #6: Do You Want a Permanently Whiter Smile?

Have you ever used Photoshop software? You can take a picture of yourself, click on your smile, and instantly make it whiter. Veneers are like being able to do that in real life! A full set of veneers can be applied to give you the white smile of your dreams. We can even customize just how white your smile will be!

Question #7: Do You Want Your Smile to Look Great, Fast?

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can be quite lengthy. Something like Invisalign takes about a year to be effective. That’s fine if you’re a patient person. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a faster option? Veneers can generally be applied in just a few weeks over three appointments!

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Did you answer any of these questions, and think that you might need veneers? Then schedule a consultation at the Bayou Dental Group to learn more about how veneers can revolutionize your smile. Contact our office today at 318-302-4236.

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