5 Teeth Problems A Dental Crown Can Fix [BLOG]

You know that your teeth are strong, but you also know they’re not indestructible.

So what do you do when something happens to threaten the strength, stability, appearance, health, or function of a tooth?

You visit Bayou Dental Group to get a new dental crown!

5 Teeth Problems You Can Fix With Dental Crowns

Here are just five problems with your teeth that a new same-day dental crown in Monroe, LA can fix:

#1 – Damaged Teeth

Dental damage can take many forms, from stained teeth to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.

Problems like this can be caused by normal wear and tear or an actual injury.

To protect your mouth from harmful bacteria, those damaged areas need to be covered up, and that’s what a dental crown can do!

Any tooth fractures will be under the protection of a crown so that they don’t worsen over time.

#2 – Decayed Teeth

You’ll always have bacteria inside your mouth, which we know is quite an unpleasant thought.

But some of it is actually good for you.

It’s the harmful bacteria you need to worry about, since it likes to feed on particles and debris that hide between your teeth and generate plaque and acids that decay your teeth.

Most of the time, we can catch tooth decay early enough at your routine checkups and treat it with a simple dental filling.

But if the cavity is too big, there won’t be enough healthy tooth enamel left to adhere to a standard filling.

It sometimes requires us to place a dental crown over a tooth to keep it healthy and strong after the decay has been removed.

#3 – Missing Teeth

Dental crowns can even be used to replace missing teeth!

Because our CEREC software allows us to design the crown with unmatched precision, no one will be able to tell by looking at you that the restoration isn’t just another one of your natural teeth. A lifelike solution, a dental crown can also be attached to a dental implant placed inside your jaw where the tooth root used to be for strength and function that’s nearly the same as a real tooth!

Wait… did we mention your dental crown can be created in a single appointment?

That’s another marvel of modern dental technology like CEREC! While using a crown with a dental implant is a longer, more involved process, a dental crown on its own is something we can design, fabricate, and place in one visit while you relax in the chair!

#4 – Infected Teeth

When harmful bacteria gets inside your tooth, it can create an infection in your dental pulp, and if it does, look out!

Because your nerve endings live there, the pain radiating from an infected tooth can be incredibly intense and unresponsive to traditional over-the-counter pain relievers.

A root canal treatment can clear the infection from inside the tooth, fill up the sanitized area, and be covered up with a dental crown to prevent the infection, and the pain, from returning.

#5 – Unattractive Teeth

We’ve saved the most surprising one for last!

For all the ways a dental crown can keep your oral health on track, it can also render cosmetic benefits for unattractive teeth.

Deep stains, discoloration, cracks, and chips can be hidden away under a natural-looking dental crown custom-made right here in our office to fit seamlessly into your smile. You can have peace of mind that your unsightly teeth flaws are shielded against further damage and that no one will even notice you had any dental work done!

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Fix problems with your teeth in Monroe, LA now so you can enjoy the rest of your summer!

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